I Can See Clearly Now…. (And A Bonus Recipe)

The rain has gone, I can see all obstacles in my way!*

Isn’t it is amazing what a little time and reflection can do for the soul? I recall no less than 10 days ago, I felt dreadful. Both in my body, my mind and my soul (although the last two can sometimes be viewed as the same thing). I felt broken and completely at odds with myself, unable to reconcile how I felt on that day with how I felt the week before, with how I felt before all of this weight loss journey began.
Today though? Well today I am back on top of the world and it is all thanks to the power of positive thinking, a good healthy diet and some worthwhile exercise.

I know that you are supposed to feel whatever your mind dictates you should feel but sometimes it is all a bit too much for you to raise your head, get the game face on and go out there and take on the world. It happens to the best of us. I must confess though that it used to happen to me more often than most.

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