Gastroenteritis Really Does Suck

Well I was hoping to be back to form today and blogging freely with ideas and thoughts aplenty.

Unfortunately I woke yesterday with the most dreadful stomach upset and was forced to remain in bed all day.

I could get neither hot or cold, take on fluids without being sick or even manage to be away from the smallest room in the house for more than a few minutes.

It is actually in these few minutes that I am writing to let you know that I shall be back but I think it will be a slow burn so please let me apologise.

The worst thing about the G.E is that fact that as soon as I was taking on any liquid for hydration, it was coming straight back up. I did manage to deal with this until about 6pm when a call to the doctor was placed due to the seriousness of the sickness becoming a worry for my recent surgery.

Anyway, after a quick consultation I was given a couple of tablets that were placed between the lip and the gum and although the dreadful feeling didn’t leave, I was at least sickness free once these had dissolved.

Suffice to say I have again taken some today and am able to sit on front of this iMac for a wee-while and tell you all my woes….

Hopefully I shall be as I say back to full strength soon and will just be doing some little bits over the next couple of days, having said that I do need to share my vital statistics with you as they are quite impressive even if I say so myself…!

Speak soon


‘Till then,

Stay out of the fridge….

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