Tales Of The Riverbank

Yesterday Archie, a friend of ours and myself went for a nice long walk. There was plenty to see, plenty to smell (Archie’s main consideration) and a completely new type of stroll was had by all three.

You see yesterday, we walked along the famous Thames river which runs from London up though Henley, Wallingford, Abingdon and Oxford all the way to the Cotswolds where it ends at Thames Head. Obviously we didn’t walk all of it but a good sized bite was taken and a lovely walk was very much enjoyed.

I will now try to cover the part we did walk although it turned out to be a there and back walk and not a round and about walk. This is because there appears to be only one Thames Footpath and not one on each side. I will say this though, it is weird how everything looks different when you are coming back the same way as you first walked!

So the Thames Footpath with Archie the dog.

What a lovely walk that was.

In order to start we had to drive about 12 miles or so from my house to the Culham Lock where we parked and found the start of the Thames path in this neck of the woods….


As Archie forged ahead looking for his first smell…. or maybe he was looking at the steps leading down to the water’s edge but I doubt it… 🙂


This is what he was looking at though. The bridge at Culham Lock which takes people from one part of the sleepy Thames to the other….


A little further up the Thames we were able to start to see it’s beauty and millpond like motion.


Although not all of the path follows the riverbank.


However, even along a riverbank filled with nothing but beauty, there is always a nod to our industrial past. There did used to be six towers but last year they demolished three as the power station is now decommissioned. These were very famous towers in this area and the demolition can be seen here


There is something about being near water that calms the soul. Whether it be a river or the sea, it makes no difference to me….


This iron bridge was built many years ago (1929 and is in fact the third bridge built since the 1844 Isambard Kingdom Brunel wooden bridge)  to carry the trains from the midlands down to the capital of London.


Although this is the bridge that best suits Archie…


The walk itself might make you think of a simple path next to the Thames river but it runs through farm land




And straight forward riverbank that allow canoeists and kayakers the chance to use the river for their leisure time.


We were soon at our first milestone (although it was 3 miles downstream) of Clifton Lock. A working lock that has been around since 1822 in one form or another although


It is also referred to as Clifton Lock. However, I imagine the Lifebuoy to be more no more use than ornament in todays hi tech health and safety world in which we live…


Mind you this is a working river with mooring (parking 😉 ) for many boats (ships 😉 )


Including narrow boats from the last century, going under bridges from the century before that….


Because this is a main walk in the local area and is looked after by the National Trail it also shows the very naturalist types what to expect with flora and fauna.


I’m not saying it’s posh around these parts but people even have garages for their boats… 🙂


Anyway, back too the matter of the walk. Although it was warm, I wasn’t that concerned about Archie overheating as we walked next to the river for the entire time and if he became to hot, he could always dive in…


From his chosen high diving point….


No sooner had we begun (well six and a half miles after we had begun) we were nearing the end of the first leg of the walk as we approached the weir which although looks nice and calm on this side….


It was a different story on the other side…


So here’s one for those of you who might not be too sure where the Thames starts and finishes… 🙂


And we were soon on our way back before Archie met his arch nemesis….the cow…


And after a harrowing time getting past them, (if I am honest, I had to pick him up) he decided he needed a little paddle in the water followed by a quick relax in the shade of a small bush…


Which has to be easier for him to navigate than try his luck with these reeds. Just look at the size of them!


But obviously his little paddle and shaded rest didn’t quite do it for him as when we were nearly home he came across a small flowing stream and just as he was about to take a drink, he decided on a lay down in the cool water instead.


After which, I made do with a cool glass of cider…


And Archie caught up on some sleep that he most definitely needed after his 13 mile jaunt!

So that is the BIG walk over for another week and here’s hoping that I am able to bring yet another adventure with Archie the dog next week.

FOOD DIARY:Saturday 8th August 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  70gms  Six Seeded Brown Batch  140  8.4  18.2  6.5
 1  200gms  Baked Beans  140  9.2  21.4  0.4
Lunch  1  83gms Lime and Chilli Salmon Fillet 179 19  3.5  9.6
 1  80gms  Basmati Rice  101.6  2.24  18.64  1.68
Dinner  1  150gms Home made Spicy Prawns  108  25.3  0.15  0.45
 1  150gms  Cajun Sirloin Steak  447  34.2  3.3  32.4
Snacks  1  400mls  Waitrose Latte  105  6  9  4
Totals  1220.6  104.34  74.19  55.03
Water 2  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

So a relatively good day was had regarding the food which is just as well because although I attended Tai Chi, I certainly didn’t burn of any measurable amount of calories during my exercise (but that story is for another day..) The only issue I have with it really is the fact the Fat content is a little high but then that is due to the red mean and I did actually remove the bulk of it to leave it as a lean piece if meat.

Anyway, too the bit you have all been waiting for. The statistics from the walk….!

We certainly did cover some ground today. As the screenshot from my Map My Walk shows, it was over 13 miles! Now because it works in auto-pause it had us down as walking for only just over four hours which is I suppose, quite correct because it paused each time we stopped and when you are walking Archie, there is A LOT of stopping!


The Polar H7 however gave a reading that showed me to be walking for a good forty minutes more because it has no way of knowing when I am stopped waiting for the dog or addressing a particularly tricky stile. It does however show that I burnt a great amount of calories whilst enjoying the riverbank, the weather and the company. Not a bad way to exercise.


And all in all this mammoth walk allowed me to accumulate nearly 30,000 steps so not a bad day at the office at all….!


Today I am back at the gym for the first time this week along with a dog walk so please tune in again to see if I am still on track…. 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

11 thoughts on “Tales Of The Riverbank

  1. New Journey says:

    What a happy dog you have there laying in the water….he was even smiling I think….what a beautiful place to walk…so full of history, thanks for sharing…when I opened you post and saw al the pictures I almost clapped my hands in giddiness…LOL good job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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