Tales Of The Riverbank

Yesterday Archie, a friend of ours and myself went for a nice long walk. There was plenty to see, plenty to smell (Archie’s main consideration) and a completely new type of stroll was had by all three.

You see yesterday, we walked along the famous Thames river which runs from London up though Henley, Wallingford, Abingdon and Oxford all the way to the Cotswolds where it ends at Thames Head. Obviously we didn’t walk all of it but a good sized bite was taken and a lovely walk was very much enjoyed.

I will now try to cover the part we did walk although it turned out to be a there and back walk and not a round and about walk. This is because there appears to be only one Thames Footpath and not one on each side. I will say this though, it is weird how everything looks different when you are coming back the same way as you first walked!

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