3-2-1 You’re Back In The Room


Good Morning everyone!

I am finally back and once again feeling human enough to write and tell you about my past few days (I shall leave the gory details out though so no need to get nervous 😉 )

There was very little activity during the past few days and to be honest I feel all the better for it. I stayed at home and built some new furniture I had bought so was kept busy but not flat out so I was still allowing myself time to recover.

My eating yesterday was almost back to normal so to that end I shall restart the food diary again tomorrow as it will refer to yesterdays nutrition.

Obviously there are no screenshots of activity as there was nothing to report but I shall be walking the dog today at a gentle pace so will again report that tomorrow also.

So then, we have been almost four days of feeling rubbish after catching a bug or some such that reduced me to nausea each time I even thought about food. In the past this would have been considered a good thing, ill for a few days would mean the chance to reset my bad eating habits and drop a few pounds because I wasn’t stuffing myself with junk food or drinking in the local pub. However this time was completely different, this is because with the amount of nutrition I actually take on each day post surgery, I can ill afford to go any length of time without eating as I no longer have the reserves of fat and glycogen (glucose) that I can simply go to for back up power when I haven’t consumed anything due to illness. To this end I am positive it has prolonged my recovery by a day because (as I am sure you all know) when you are low on energy, you simply feel rotten and lifeless and very similar to when you are poorly. So after feeling poorly on Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday, I finally began eating again late Tuesday. This meant that I needed to take on some nutrition and still rest in order to feel alive and kicking this morning. In fact so alive and kicking do I feel this morning, I have actually risen at 6am to pen todays post in real time and not write it a day in advance… OOH, Get me!

So what does today hold? Well after being laid up for those two days, I was quite active yesterday and built some new furniture which I had collected on Saturday. This means that today I shall be putting the finishing touches to the apartment, continuing to sort out the stuff I want to keep and the stuff that has to go, re-arranging my storage (I disposed of a 4 drawer chest and a triple wardrobe) to maximum effect. Once I have done these few chores I shall take my little pal Archie for a gentle walk and get our legs moving again in preparation for yet another furniture moving day tomorrow (although this time for my brother) so as I don’t feel too sore from all of the sudden activity after three days enforced rest!

Tomorrow will have no moaning in it, no discussing of illness and energy levels and will hopefully be a return to normal blogging. If you recall I wrote last week in A Pinch And A Punch, I wanted to start a new hobby and thought that Tai Chi might just be the very thing I was looking for, well I found a class and last Saturday I attended for the first time and tomorrow I plan on telling you all about that so tune in if you would like to know what it is all about.

That is all for today and I would just like to say thanks as ever for tuning in and I hope my little time off hasn’t been too inconvenient to you my readers… 😉

After all, I’m back!

Thanks as ever,


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “3-2-1 You’re Back In The Room

  1. edmooneyphotography says:

    Good to see you back mate, Tai Chi is great, done properly, with the correct breathing and posture, you would not believe the boost in energy and over all well being. Although considered a soft style it can be damn explosive when needed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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