Still Not Firing On All Four Cylinders

Hi guys and good morning once again to yet another lacklustre post. I’m still not feeling brilliant although feeling better so have really nothing to report again on the exercise front OR a food diary front as on Monday (when the diary would have been from) I was still only really taking on fluids and feeling pretty poor.

It is weird how no matter how active one is, when this type of illness hits, it really does knock you for six (a cricket terminology there folks). I was hoping that todays post would show me as being back amongst the living but as the title of todays post says “Firing On All Four….” I am not. I still felt weak and listless. I never had the energy to walk my little pal Archie, I spent the day feeling sick and only left the house due to a need to get some more mineral water having drunk the last load over the past couple of days.

This also equates to the grey matter not feeling good along with the body making it tough to feel the inspiration to write or share anything of myself.

For this I must apologise as I don’t think that since starting the blog all those months ago I have actually had this many days of inactivity. I even recall posting the day of my operation and the two days afterward during my hospital stay!

To that end I am afraid that todays post is not really going to be much of anything. There is no Map My Walk to bring you, no Polar H7 and no Jawbone Up24 details to share.

Please do keep coming back however as I shall again be back to full strength in time to come and I would hate for anyone to miss it…..

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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