Rain Stopped Play

So yesterday was Sunday and we all know what happens on a Sunday? Yes, that is correct, we take Archie the Dog for his long walk.

We usually head up to the Ridgeway for his long walk and traverse it’s terrain until we are no longer fit to do so but unfortunately due to the weather being absolutely terrible and my walking companion believing that they may well be made from sugar and might possibly melt in the rain, we were slightly delayed so instead we retired to my kitchen and made up food for our picnic tomorrow (although the weather looks grim for that now too… 😦 )

Anyway, after making our way through the contents of the larder and cooking all that was required for our hopeful picnic, the rain started to dissipate and we decided it would be safe to leave the safety of the house.

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A Little Piece Of History

Welcome to todays lesson on History.

A specific piece of history to be sure but history non the less 😉

Now a little about me will set this post up correctly. My parents are from Scotland and my brother was born in Scotland. I however, was born in Oxford but because I was christened in a Church Of Scotland Church in Scotland I am good with this minor slight on my heritage and can only consider myself to be 100% Scottish.

Well with a name like Cameron McCulloch, I couldn’t really be anything else could I!

So where’s the history? Well the picture you see in the header is of a building known as Cardoness Castle. This is based in Dumfries and Galloway, more specifically Fleet Bay which is about a mile away from Gatehouse Of Fleet and it was the ancestral home of the McCulloch family.

Crazy eh?

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Oh To Rest My Weary Bones

Morning folks and welcome to the weekend.

Very quick post today as not much to report but also its the best day of the weekend and I want to get on and enjoy it just like you guys!

So yesterday as some of you may know was an absolute bust in terms of health and fitness, well not so much the health part but certainly the fitness for sure. Instead of hitting the gym for a workout, doing a Body Balance class and walking the dog all by lunchtime, I was completely pooped so spent the day laying on the sofa!

What a waste….

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A Post For The Day

I know! I know!

Ha Ha Ha!!

I’m sorry but it just came to me as I was looking at some old photos and found the one I used for todays header.

It was taken and edited by a good friend of mine Dean Floyd Photography and it is called “Cam’s Post”

Quite apt given that I now issue a daily post from this here blog 🙂

Anyway, sorry for being late on parade but it felt like all of my get up and go had got up and gone!

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Still Crazy After All These Years

So allegedly it was either Albert Einstein or Benjamin Franklin who said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Whether this is true that Einstein said it or not, or if Franklin said it or not, it certainly does sum up the feeling of many a fat person.

Food like any addiction can hold a great power over a person.

This is true of many people and unfortunately I have to be honest that on some days it is still true of me.

Food can be an emotional crutch which is odd because you wouldn’t think it changes the mood, yet certain tastes and ingredients will release endorphins into your system as quickly as a drug user may get a hit from their recreational drug of choice or a drinker may get the instant relaxation from the moment an alcoholic drink touches their lips.

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Is It About Time To Get Back On The You Tube?

The Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet.

So how can you follow the Magnet to see how he is progressing?

Well there’s obviously this blog’s email system to begin with. If you are signed up you will receive an email every single time I post on my blog.

Then there is Facebook. This will show you a link to my latest post as long as I have shared it on Facebook and you will see it as long as you are a friend or follow the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet page

There is also Twitter. My address of @wbfridgemagnet is another good way of never missing a post.

But then maybe you would prefer something a little more interactive where all you need do is turn on, tune in and drop out.

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Tasty Tuesday’s Healthy Recipes For The Masses

The Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet is pleased to still be attempting to bring relief from mundane healthy food with this weeks Tasty Tuesday.

Today therefore, I have pleasure in sharing my newest recipe of Chicken Sausage, Chorizo and Bean Casserole.

Yummy yummy yummy….!

So how do we do it…?

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Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening and welcome to the World’s Biggest Fridge Magnet brought to you once again on a beautiful Monday morning.

Not the best thing you have ever heard I am sure but consider this, it could be cold and wet or maybe the middle of winter and you have had to spend the entire weekend indoors enduring the cold, the boredom and the lack of BBQ cooking…..

So every cloud and all of that….

Well today will see you smiling, maybe not for any reason you may ordinarily do so but certainly for the fact you are invested in this blog and therefore have some interest in my progress so I have decided to share to make you smile.

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A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content

So its here again, a lazy Sunday to beckon us all into it’s fold, envelope us in it’s relaxation and allow us to slumber in it’s arms.

Or not.

As you know I am usually all about the walking on a Sunday. Okay, last week wasn’t the best example of this with only a couple of miles covered but it’s what I like to do and it is what Archie likes to do also, but today I am heading for a christening and I will be out all day, thus my walking duties have been relinquished and passed onto a friend who Archie is happily willing to follow into the battlefield…. 😉

So today whilst I am eating cake and drinking cups of tea I shall be talking to people I have not seen in over 12 months and with that in mind I am preparing myself for an onslaught of “Wow’s” and “I didn’t realise that was you’s”!

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Reports, Reports, Reports

After yesterdays post being such a hit with so many people and even with my own belief system, I am proving to be somewhat at a loss of what to write today to be honest. I could go on more about how brilliant I feel because of the embracement of my new life and opportunity. I could wax lyrical about the support I have had and the surgeons who made yesterday’s post possible but if I did I think I would be going over old ground.

Instead today I shall tell you that I am absolutely WORN OUT after my day of perpetual motion and would therefore ask you to read the exercise report stuff below my food diary. I know some of you usually do and some of you don’t but it is certainly worth a read today when you consider that five months ago I could barely walk up my stairs and yet yesterday I spent over two and a half ACTIVE hours in the gym.

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