Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

Saturday is here and it is the weekend once again. The days and weeks just seem to be flying in at the moment and I sometimes almost feel as though I cannot keep up although I am sure that is just a state of mind (mind you wasn’t there one of those crazy clever scientists like Hawking or Einstein who said that time is actually speeding up?)

So if time doesn’t feel as though it goes as far, do you think maybe I had better make the most of what time I do have now I have the energy to use it?

Now I remember before my surgery, there is no way I would be happy to leave the house to do anything other than go somewhere I could sit and watch what was going on, be it the pub or an event. I would go as long as I didn’t have to walk anywhere. Certainly a good part of this was driven the damage to my back and my knee but a good deal of it was in my head and the fact that I was overweight. I was fat and got tired easily. I was fat and didn’t like to go out into the world and see other people because I would be convinced that someone would be watching me and making reference to my size and inability to get around even though now I am much slimmer and more active than I have been in over 10 years, I am sure that was not the case.

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