Safari So Goody

Morning to all of my lovely readers and welcome to another day here in the Blogosphere.

Please pardon the terrible title pun, a little something from the eighties there….

Four days into the new regime and all appears to be going as planned.

However there isn’t a great deal going on in my world today apart from being able to report that the new health and fitness regime/training schedule appears to be working out well so far. Yesterday I was able to go to the gym again after walking the dog for a lap of the fields and then following it up with a much quicker lap on my own after Archie went to puppy sit the Humphrey dog 🙂

I worked well at the gym (see below for details) and today I don’t actually feel too bad at all.

If only I could have stayed at the gym for longer because afterwards again saw me listing the last of my over size clothes, a pair of slip on shoes (also now too big which is weird!) on eBay. A task I absolutely HATE doing but there is still stuff that has to go and go it must because it is of no use to me what so ever.

Alongside this listing I was also talked into adding some stuff on for a friend so I ended up spending the entire afternoon taking photo’s of 1960’s original Bat Mobile’s and James Bond DB5’s with the ejector seats. Incredibly collectable nowadays but also incredibly time consuming getting the listings just right I can tell you.

Anyway, photo’s were taken and descriptions written only to find that I can only sell up to a certain amount on that blessed site. Well, when I found it out I was ready to snap but I took a deep breath and thought about everything I have learned over the past few months and you know what? It worked. I was soon calm and serene and let it all be.

And with that small lesson in mind, I shall continue to follow my example as often as I can.

Peace Out Everyone… 🙂

FOOD DIARY:Tuesday 21st July 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast 1 175mls  Phd Diet Whey Protein  91 17 2.75 1.4
 1  Small  Lean Sausage  111  12  3  8
 1  Small Lean Rasher Smoked Bacon  122  26  0  17.5
 1 Large  Poached Egg  82  7.8  0  5.7
 1 Small Bowl Spicy Beef, Pepper and Mushroom Stew  235  22  20  4
 1  250gms Chilli Prawns with Quinoa Greek Feta Salad  244.5  32.1  16.5  9.45
Snacks  3  400mls  Tea  11.7  0  0.9  0
 2  17.5gms Border Chocolate Ginger Biscuits 164.5  1.54  21.9  7.8
Totals  1061.7  118.44  65.05  53.85
Water 3  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

A rest day coincided with the day of this food diary so I was mindful of what I ate in the carbohydrate line (although that was blown a little by the chocolate ginger biscuits..!)

A good day of exercise was had on day three of the new regime. First of all I walked the dog with his friends and then did a lap on my own giving me much better split times for the unaccompanied lap than for the one where the dogs came too!:


I followed this up with the second gym session of the week and have to say that by virtue of the fact I didn’t need medical attention, mouth to mouth resuscitation or CPR at the end when I came to walk out under my own steam, I may have finally gotten the balance just right. Early days yes but things do look good considering I did my 14 minutes of the exercise bike, 5 minutes on the stepping machine and 6 on the cross trainer, following those exercises up with a strength training session of:

  1. 2 x 30 Reps 30kg Abductor machine
  2. 2 x 30 Reps 30kg Adductor machine
  3. 2 x 30 Reps 35kg Abdominal Crunch machine
  4. 2 x 30 Reps 40kg Lower Back machine
  5. 2 x 30 Reps 25kg Cable Row
  6. 2 x 30 Reps 20kg Chest Press
  7. 2 x 30 Reps 35kg Pec Deck
  8. 3 x 30 Reps 20kg Tricep Pull Down
  9. 3 x 30 Reps 6kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl
  10. 1 x 50 Reps 6kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl
  11. 3 x 30 Standing Oblique 20kg Barbell Twists (15 each side)
  12. 3 x 30 Standing Russian Oblique Weighted Bar Twists (15 each side)

This meant I was still able to get a Polar H7 reading that said I burnt a total of 973 calories:


Obviously this is the main part of the days exercise but not relaxing all afternoon as I moved between the rooms taking pictures of toy cars (for eBay as I said earlier, Grrr!) I think the final figures on the Jawbone UP24 are quite impressive at 11929 so I’m happy with that:


Looking at that screenshot just now, it is talking about something known as a hump day. I would SO grateful if someone could tell me what the bloody hell one is and I don’t want the saucy versions thank you my friends….!

So again today is a rest day although it will see me walking the dog on a gentle stroll as I will be following my new schedule to the very letter, but so far so good hence the title pun…. 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “Safari So Goody

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    Wednesdays are hump days because they fall in the middle of the work week – and when they arrive you are over the hump and looking to the weekend. 🙂

    Great job on staying the course. More EBay? Sorry friend – I feel your pain there although I didn’t realize there was a limit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you SOOO much for telling me that. What a weird saying but also fun because when you are over the hump, you ARE onto the weekend, after all Thursday IS the new Friday…!

      Yes, I too hate the eBay listing. I have finally managed to get all of my stuff on now and am only left with a very smart Ralph Lauren quilted jacket that will sell better when the weather changes in the autumn. I couldn’t believe that they put me on a “stop listing” because I had exceeded the amount that I can list. Its ridiculous. Just as well I had listed my clothes before I got stopped….!

      Liked by 1 person

      • sleeveforme22 says:

        It is odd! Now you are in the know!! 🙂

        I think that limit in EBay is nutty. It is in their best interest to let you sell considering how much they take off the top! Ugh!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    Good job….I was thinking about getting one of those devices…I don’t even know what there called, but they measure lots of stuff…wow what a sentence…says I want something I know nothing about….LOL I think I will spend a little time wondering around the internet, what is the name of the device you use?? If you don’t mind me asking…I am finally noticing a change in my face and a couple of my double chins no longer exist…LOL yeah….good for you waling over 10,000 steps…I did all my exercises 2 days in a row and I am heading that way right how…have a great day…kathy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Well done you! Keep up the great work.
      Don’t be put off if you don’t ever feel like doing any exercise. Just remember no matter how slow you go, after 30 minutes of movement you are still 10 laps ahead of the person who is still sat on the couch….
      For technology I use a Jawbone Up 24 which counts my steps. When I walk I use an App on my iPhone called Map My Walk and when I exercise I use a Polar H7 heart rate monitor which connects to my iPhone via bluetooth and tells me EXACTLY how many calories I have burnt because it works it out on my heart rate.
      There are other devices but this is what I am happiest with at present plus they mean I can post screenshots for everyones delight!!


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