A Trip To Lazy Town

So then, day two of my forced feet up regime. I’d like to say I will be sitting in the sun re-charging the batteries, taking on as much vitamin D as I can handle and generally loafing about but as there will be rain followed by a little more rain, I don’t think that is on the cards!

Oh the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal…..

I think I’ve said that before haven’t I? The last time I probably meant it though!

Well it’s not so much the good life today as much as it is the easy life. The rest day idea as part of a training program has always seemed like a good idea to me until it is actually the day to rest, at which point I am suddenly filled with a boundless nervous energy feeling as though I need to go to the gym. Maybe that is what has been the problem over the past few weeks, I have simply worn myself out by doing something every day.

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