Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More*

Yes I know Henry V is a little heavy for the title on a Friday but regular readers will soon understand to what I referring when you get to paragraph 3.

As Friday is finally here and the weekend is once again upon us (I know we still have the final day of the week to contend with) I am in a great mood even though I for one have quite a busy day planned as there are several meetings I must attend after my exercise. To this end I have woken early to take on my protein shake and supplements followed an hour later by my scrambled egg on toast before I set off to walk the dog and then head for the gym. I do this as it shall mean I get the requisite amount of calories and nutrients prior to exercising which in turn means that I can exercise without feeling as though I have completely run out of puff (well thats the idea anyway!)

So what are the meetings about today? Well once again I am forced to deal with the requirements of listing items for sale on the eBay site and this time it’s not even for me but as a favour for someone else! This means I get the pain of photographing the items he wants to sell (no doubt many and large!) then I have to advertise them which means I will have to think up titles for them, write descriptions that make people think they are worth bidding on and then deal with all of the idiotic questions people ask about the items simply because they cannot be bothered to use their own intelligence and work it out for themselves.

Oh Joy!

To that end I had a few things that I needed to get up on the eBay site myself so I just went ahead and did it after my lunch yesterday. More clothes as ever due to my shrinking waistline but I suppose that is the way it goes…. Anyway, by pulling my finger out and getting on with it I have taken care of business here in my own empire and am free to deal with the task of putting unwanted tat up for sale from someone else’s empire.

So as where title reads “Once more unto the breach….” what it is actually saying is:

Crikey, that Cameron is a bloody nice bloke…!

FOOD DIARY: Wednesday 8th July 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  55gms Costa Croissant  248  4.8  22.2  15.4
 1  500mls  Costa Skinny Latte  149  14.7  21.9  0.7
Lunch  1 175mls  Phd Diet Whey Protein  91  17  2.75  1.4
 1  200gms Quinoa, Chilli Prawn and Greek Feta Salad 244.5  32.1  16.5  9.45
Dinner  1 Small Bowl Spicy chicken, mushroom, pepper and potato stew  235  22  20  4
Snacks  2  400mls  Tea  52  0  12  0
 1  42gms  Jordans Crunch Bar  197  3.4  25.3 8.5
Totals  1213.5  94  120.65  39.45
Water 3  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

Breakfast on Wednesday was admittedly not the best but after an extra long sleep (I woke at 9.50am!) I was limited in my options as I had promised to take a friend to a hospital appointment. I roused myself quickly and collected and deposited him in time for his appointment. This limited my options for a healthy bite to eat but I found a Costa Coffee and was able to get a skinny latte and a croissant to act as my breakfast. To be honest I am impressed with myself that I was able to simply stop at the one croissant because in the past I would have bought a couple and would still have been hungry. This time though, the small croissant and the latte did what was required of them and allowed me to wait patiently without my stomach feeling as though its throat had been cut!

So yesterday was a return to the gym after a rest day (and a croissant) I felt like I really need to kick some metaphorical arse so I started with a brisk walk which I caught on Map My Walk.


And although the first split time wasn’t great (I was walking with my mother and the dog at this time) the second two were much better and more in keeping with where I want to be at just under 4miles per hour. as ever I followed the walk up with a gym session where I not only hit the following weight sets:

  1. 3 x 30 Reps 25kg Abductor machine
  2. 3 x 30 Reps 25kg Adductor machine
  3. 3 x 30 Reps 30kg Abdominal Crunch machine
  4. 3 x 30 Reps 30kg Lower Back machine
  5. 3 x 30 Reps 25kg Cable Row
  6. 3 x 30 Reps 20kg Chest Press
  7. 3 x 30 Reps 25kg Pec Deck
  8. 3 x 30 Reps 20kg Tricep Pull Down
  9. 2 x 30 Reps 6kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl
  10. 1 x 50 Reps 6kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl
  11. 3 x 30 Standing Oblique 20kg Barbell Twists (15 each side)
  12. 3 x 30 Standing Russian Oblique Weighted Bar Twists (15 each side)

But of course I added my new Cardio workout taking advantage of the exercise bike and doing the entire bike session at level 4 for 19 minutes before again doing my 5 minutes on the stepping machine at the usual level 5 and spending the remaining 6 minutes at level 6 on the cross trainer. I still sometimes struggle with the first of these exercises but all I do (and this is completely true) is visualise myself getting off of the bike at the end of the exercise and knowing how good I feel when I do so.

All of this gave a Polar H7 monitor reading of 1082 calories burnt and proofed in this screenshot:


Which as ever is followed up with the standard type Jawbone Up24 step reading of over 9000 steps:


So once again fairly good numbers repeated here. I am finding that the second session (the one I shall do today) is a little difficult when I have drilled it on this session but time will improve me andI will soon be smashing it EVERY time I go.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

* Henry V. Act 3 Scene 1

7 thoughts on “Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More*

  1. New Journey says:

    What’s the ole saying….Idle hands are the devils workshop….my mom used to say that to me, I am sure she intended it to be an inspirational way of getting me to clean my room or just do my chores….she always followed it up with, better to keep busy, it will keep you out of trouble….TGIF

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Osyth says:

    Relieved … I was waiting to see how ‘or close up the walls with our English dead’ was going to fit the mood of the day. Ebay rocks – my daughters (all four of them) 6 dogs (included a baby Bean) and I lived well on its fruits for some two years. But it is bluddy hard work! Bon week-end 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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