Thursday’s Blog – Post No 169

Morning everyone from all around the world, thanks for dropping by and giving my blog a quick once over instead of ignoring it and passing on to a video of some Cats jumping from plastic spiders or a Cockatiel dancing to Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust (although I have watched that one myself and it is quite excellent…)

But I digress, you are here to read my blog, so I had better get¬†writing something worthy of your attention unlike that title, although with the blog currently at 169 posts I know you will agree it is quite an achievement since the tentative beginnings way back in January. In fact it was 6 months ago today that I started to put my blog together never imagining that since the initial build of the site and¬†introduction pages explaining my story I would have still been writing a daily piece for you guys to read. Build of this site started on January the 8th and it was launched a week later on January the 15th with the first actual ‘Blogged Post” hitting your screens a mere 8 days later.

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