Tasty Tuesday…. It’s Back Again!

Morning friends and thanks for tuning in!

Once again, please allow me to apologise for the issue that beset my beautiful blog yesterday and delayed you reading my nonsense until later in the day. It turns out I was rather dim and had simply become confused in my pain ridden and tired state on Sunday. Still, I managed to resolve it with only a few extra hours having ticked away.

So welcome back to Tasty Tuesday and today we have a treat for you that comes part from my imagination and part from a recipe I found on the inter web on a site by the name of Dukan Diet Meals

It may seem a little out of season but as many of you know, here in the U.K we can have brilliant sunshine one minute and lashing rain and dropping temperatures the next, meaning we must turn on the heating and fill our bellies with delicious stews!

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