The Life Of A Scribe (Or Normal Service Has Been Resumed….)

So the new week has come (if a few hours late… sorry!) and I for one am ready for it. I have set my self a new challenge as outlined Saturday of no alcohol and no sweet treats for the entire month of July and so far so good (mind you it has only been 24 hours….) I have also decided that this must be attributed to my commercial work ethic and things must change there too.

Working on my own each day, I can sometimes let myself get carried away with the surfing of the net or looking at other projects instead of dealing with the ones I have to hand and that need my attention, such is the life of the arty sort that I am now most certainly turning into (don’t worry, there will be no flowing locks or kaftans, no purple loon pants and certainly no painting with my hands)

To that end I have also decided that I need to get my nose to the grindstone where my commercial writing is more involved in my daily schedule because I have been delinquent with it for too long now by far.

I must revert back to using my timetable and therefore understanding the need for allowing certain times to do certain things. For example. I need to write this blog each day but sometimes that task alone can carry over throughout the day. I need to go to the gym, I need to walk the dog, I need to write “commercially” otherwise I shall be left behind in my projects; and most of all I need to cook healthy foods and that is what can take up time although fortunately I only need to let that happen once every few days as I have the perfect excuse for left overs (a very small stomach 😉 )

The need to fit everything into the day is an issue that many of us suffer from. In my previous life I was happy to get up, eat rubbish throughout the day, come home (usually via the pub) from whatever job I was doing at the time, then eat more processed foods, sit and watch T.V and finally go to bed exhausted from having done nothing all day.

Now with a timetable, I know I can make myself a healthy meal three times a day (okay, one of them might be left overs from the day before) get to the gym, walk the dog, write this blog and then manage to write commercial words for whatever project I may currently be working on. I just have to follow it and in the evening’s I won’t be working into the wee small hours but I will have some time to relax and watch some T.V, maybe I might even have time to socialise….

But it is all dependent on using my time wisely and that is something we must all do. We must allot ourselves a certain amount of time where we will take this time to look out for OURSELVES and NOT worry about anything or anyone else. It is during this time we will live and eat healthily and by doing so extend and improve our lives.

All of the above must sound completely sensible but let’s face it, it is harder than it looks. I work from home, I allegedly have all of the time in the world yet I regularly run out of time and am chasing my tail. I therefore understand how someone who has a full time job will be reading this thinking “Yeah, it’s alright for you, but I have a full time job to consider and have to look after the kids and walk the dog etc etc” I totally agree with you, but if we are to succeed in living healthy in this day and age of “everything now” we really must give this a shot otherwise we will only succeed in letting ourselves down.

FOOD DIARY: Saturday 4th July 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1 175mls Phd Diet Whey Protein Drink  91  17  2.75  1.4
 1 Large  Poached Egg  82  7.8  0  5.6
2  Small Rasher Bacon  244 52  0  35
 2  Small  Lean Sausages 182  16  5  13
 1  22gms  Lentil Crisps  89  3  14.6  1.8
 1  130gms  Chicken Breast  200  40.48  3.2  2.72
Dinner  1  Small  Rasher Bacon  122  26  0  17.5
 1  150gms  Pulled Pork  306  30  0  18
 1  75gms  Edamame Beans  75  4.5  6  2.25
Snacks 1  330mls  Limonata  149  0  34.7  0
 1  500mls  Tea  26  0  6  0
Totals  1566  196.78  66.25  97.27
Water  3  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

So the food totals are a little higher than normal but I attribute that to a rather red meat heavy protein day giving me more fats than usual and more protein than usual. The calories were countered by the simple fact that I walked for just over 8 miles and on that exercise alone I burnt off the days consumed calories. With this in mind I don’t feel I should be too hard on myself as these things happen but my activity more than took care of it.

I took my usual exercise today after being forced into a physically lazy yesterday (Sunday) because of the fact this post would not launch and I had a very painful nerve niggle in my hip which was probably brought on by the fact I had to spend the night on a friends sofa. This was down to the fact that I had left my own house keys in my car and my car in a village a few miles from where I live and I didn’t discover this until it had just gone past midnight!

A complete comedy of errors ensued and trying to find a place to stay when your mobile phone has run out of juice is nigh on impossible! Still, beggars cannot be choosers and I was very grateful to my pal who let me sofa surf for the night and then very kindly took me to collect my car from said village in the morning.

It is quite comical that this should have happened after what I have written today but it simply goes to show that sometimes things can be out of our control by virtue of one small mistake and then the knock on effects are inevitable. However, as Alfred Pennyworth said “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up” means that we all get a second chance to put things right on the next new day.

So normal service has been resumed with the blog finally launching properly (well I assume it has because you are reading it….) and I am now no longer in as much pain so shall be walking the dog a bit later and then getting back to the gym.

Tomorrow I shall report on my activities with a multitude of fact proving screenshots and the usual movement information. You will be able to read about this in my new healthy recipe on the Tasty Tuesday blog.

‘Till Tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

5 thoughts on “The Life Of A Scribe (Or Normal Service Has Been Resumed….)

  1. New Journey says:

    Wow, I wish I had it as together as you do, and I am retired…LOL I have all frigin day to exercise and get to the dreaded list of things I need to do…forget the list of things I want to do…seems life gets in the way….so is my excuse…..thanks for the inspiration I needed to read this morning…..Hope you get the kink out of your hip….look forward to the pictures…and recipe tomorrow…. kathy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      It really just a matter of prioritisation and making sure we don’t waste our time. Today I still have to make tomorrows recipe (I am usually long done this by now) write the blog of todays activity and I have to cook some other food for another recipe I have just made up and I also need to cook the food for my lunch with my meditation teacher tomorrow…..
      Just not enough hours in that day are there!
      Thankfully the hip has calmed down and I was able to batter the gym and the walk this afternoon so long may it stay that way.


  2. Osyth says:

    It must be a lunar thing … I wrote a new timetable yesterday evening because I have been sorely and shamefully lax in recent weeks (even months) …. one of the results is a ‘bin the noise’ regime – LinkedIn profile has been demolished (it is of no commercial use to me any more) and FaceBook will be the next casualty. I feel quite free, light and liberated – much like the girl wandering through a field of poppies in the Flake Ads about a million years ago! Go to it and stick with it … it will be worth it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      That is indeed what I am building toward this week.
      Facebook unfortunately cannot be binned as I post on there and have followers via its medium however, I shall treat it a touch more like twitter now and leave it unopened during the day.
      I am still catching up from yesterdays disaster so will be working into the night for sure with plenty of things to be getting on with over the next 24 hours I think it would be impossible of me to effect a schedule until the middle of the week.
      We must tailor our on-line interests to a minimum if we are to survive and I now understand that so here’s hoping!
      Glad you got there before me, I am going to be needing a pep talk soon I can honestly feel it….!

      Liked by 1 person

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