The Life Of A Scribe (Or Normal Service Has Been Resumed….)

So the new week has come (if a few hours late… sorry!) and I for one am ready for it. I have set my self a new challenge as outlined Saturday of no alcohol and no sweet treats for the entire month of July and so far so good (mind you it has only been 24 hours….) I have also decided that this must be attributed to my commercial work ethic and things must change there too.

Working on my own each day, I can sometimes let myself get carried away with the surfing of the net or looking at other projects instead of dealing with the ones I have to hand and that need my attention, such is the life of the arty sort that I am now most certainly turning into (don’t worry, there will be no flowing locks or kaftans, no purple loon pants and certainly no painting with my hands)

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We Regret To Inform You…

That we are experiencing some minor technical difficulties.

I am hoping that these will be resolved in the next few hours so please do tune back in soon, when I hope to be able to bring you the piece that I had written for today.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has cause and I hope your tea tastes just as refreshing and your Rice Crispies are just as yummy without my rambling words to keep them company.