The Only Way Is Up!!

We’ve been broken down to the lowest turn and being on the bottom line sure ain’t no fun*

Recently I have managed to overcome my past ability to simply ignore the fact that I really do have to go to the gym by the fact that I am to all intents and purposes accountable to this blog and therefore you readers, but that is only half of the story. I also use the help that positive visualisation and other mental strength techniques can give us in our quest for personal self improvement.

Now as you know, I am no Guru but I learn a little everyday and I like to pass this on as and when I can. A prime example of the system I use (visualisation) was on Thursday and yesterday when I knew that I had to go to the gym but really didn’t feel like going. To combat this I simply visualised myself on the exercise bike and the feeling I would have once I had finished. I then visualised myself at the end of the workout session and how much benefit I would feel at that point of the session. Finally I took a moment to visualise myself at my target weight, wearing a linen suit, having a waistline that is much smaller than my chest and looking healthy, happy and content with life.

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