Friday’s Child

Is loving and giving.

Now although this may sound like me, I wasn’t one of these.

I was born on a Sunday and as the rhyme says “But the child who is born on the Sabbath day, is lucky and happy and good and gay”

However, I was always of the opinion if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all. Yes I am a reasonably happy person, I know I am a good person and the least said about today’s interpretation of the word Gay, the better.

Recently however, I have started to feel happy nearly all of the time, not like a clueless happy wandering around with a smile on my face scaring people, but an inner peace that can only come from happiness. I have started to think I actually am lucky because I have been given this amazing chance of improving my life; and as for being good, well that is just the way I have always rolled 😉

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Wednesday Was Always Science Lessons For Me (Pt 2)

Yes I know today is Thursday but this blog is continued on from yesterday.

This post today will see me summarise a section of the book that offers questions and answers about the deficiency of vitamin D. I hope you don’t feel I have “copped out” by doing this but I believe this is important to understand what the book is all about.

The section comes from the book The Origin Of Overweight and is known strangely enough as ‘Crisps’

This chapter is a question and answer chapter summarising the main points from the book. I have taken a random selection of 15 questions and answers so you can get a more complete idea of the book.

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Wednesday Was Always Science Lessons For Me (Pt 1)

Good Morning and here is your OFFICIAL welcome to Hump Day.

And to make this particular Hump Day just that little more like the midweek you might remember from school, today we have a little bit of a science lesson. Not as in one that makes us write the Aim, Method and Conclusions for our homework, but one that makes us use our brains out of our comfort zones for a short while and consider a theory brought to us by science borne out of history, experience and simple common sense.

Yes, I know it’s midweek and I know you want to switch off from the weeks activities but trust me, if you can bear with this blog for another 5 minutes or so, I promise you this is worth reading and not just because I want to get viewing figures up 😉

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Tasty Tuesday Back On A…. Tuesday…!

So then you lucky souls. It’s that time of the week once more, the day you look forward to most of all, the day that gets your tastebuds tingling and your juices flowing…

It’s Tasty Tuesday!

So what do we have for you today?

Well we have the recipe for something that has been appearing in my food diary for many weeks now, the Mini Muffins!

These are especially easy to make although do require a Silicon baking tray for the simple ease of removing them and preventing them from sticking to the metal cup cake tray. The recipe is short and easy to prepare for the most basic of cooking skills.

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Monday Reports Of Sunday Walking Madness

So yesterday was Sunday, and what do we do on a Sunday? Thats right, I usually walk with the dog so here as usual(well almost usual) is another journey into the walking world of Archie the Dog.

We started off the day as you can see above with a hunt for the tennis balls that Archie is convinced were in this bag. Yes they used to be in this bag many many years ago, so as far as he is concerned they should still be where he left them…! Luckily the rain started to come in and he soon tired of this game and let us start the walk in earnest from the road at the bottom of the White Horse hill and so in the rain we started to make our way up the hillside road

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A Grand Day Out

Okay guys, I’m afraid we have a super short post for you today as I wasn’t home until 1.30 am this morning after a very busy and long day out BUT one of the best day’s out I have had in a very long time.

As some of you may have read yesterday was a rest day that I had planned to spend at an Auto festival doing as little as I possibly could apart from looking at cars and having a picnic; and although the days entertainment at the park was extremely enjoyable and even though there were some very smart cars, to be honest we took the opportunity to sit in the sun and eat a picnic I had prepared earlier in the day from my supplies at home. This meant that not only was the picnic healthy, I also know exactly what was in every mouthful of the food we ate.

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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

Saturday is here and it is the weekend once again. The days and weeks just seem to be flying in at the moment and I sometimes almost feel as though I cannot keep up although I am sure that is just a state of mind (mind you wasn’t there one of those crazy clever scientists like Hawking or Einstein who said that time is actually speeding up?)

So if time doesn’t feel as though it goes as far, do you think maybe I had better make the most of what time I do have now I have the energy to use it?

Now I remember before my surgery, there is no way I would be happy to leave the house to do anything other than go somewhere I could sit and watch what was going on, be it the pub or an event. I would go as long as I didn’t have to walk anywhere. Certainly a good part of this was driven the damage to my back and my knee but a good deal of it was in my head and the fact that I was overweight. I was fat and got tired easily. I was fat and didn’t like to go out into the world and see other people because I would be convinced that someone would be watching me and making reference to my size and inability to get around even though now I am much slimmer and more active than I have been in over 10 years, I am sure that was not the case.

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Persistence And Perseverance Pays….Apparently

It’s the end of the world week as we know it.

It is the end of the world week as we know it and I feel F.I.N.E*

Feeling fantastic!

Okay, lets clear one thing up.

The main picture.

Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence Of Memory” 1931

I’m afraid it was just TOO good of an opportunity to pass up when I had the same word in my title even if the two things are completely devoid of any other link…!

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Safari So Goody

Morning to all of my lovely readers and welcome to another day here in the Blogosphere.

Please pardon the terrible title pun, a little something from the eighties there….

Four days into the new regime and all appears to be going as planned.

However there isn’t a great deal going on in my world today apart from being able to report that the new health and fitness regime/training schedule appears to be working out well so far. Yesterday I was able to go to the gym again after walking the dog for a lap of the fields and then following it up with a much quicker lap on my own after Archie went to puppy sit the Humphrey dog 🙂

I worked well at the gym (see below for details) and today I don’t actually feel too bad at all.

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Fish For Dinner? It Must Be Tasty Tuesday But A Day Late….

So what do we have for you this week?

Well you lucky people are about to get my latest invention inspired by a post on my gym website TFD for Thai fishcakes.

Well I took that recipe, spun around a bit, removed the bits I cannot eat at present (the leafy salad for example 😦 )

And what did I end up with?

Red Thai Curry Fish and Prawn Cakes with Chilli’s served on a Quinoa Salad.

And here’s how you make it….

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