All Guns Blazing

Morning folks and welcome back to the blog and a bit of normality at last. I am glad to report that yesterday I made it to the gym and I managed to walk the dog. I kept my food intake sensible and for the first time in three days I actually feel good about life and things in general 🙂

I suppose a good deal of this comes from the endorphins that have been banging around my brain since I got my blood pumping once more. It is a well known fact that exercise can help with mood stabilisation and feeling good about oneself, so I am happy to report that today I have that feeling and I am looking forward to continuing it throughout today as I once again attend the gym and walk his lordship on a decent length stomp. We may go up to the Ridgeway and get some more practise miles under our belt although that is weather dependant because up there with no cover, the weather can be quite formidable when it chooses to and that is either hot, wet or cold!

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