No Longer A Spectator

Or at least I don’t think so.

My life has changed so much that yesterday I took a moment to quantify the amount of and sheer magnitude of the changes I have undergone. As I was doing so I came across something I had written down on a scrap of paper, obviously some time ago and I have to assume that it was completely unrelated to my weight loss as it looks like it was written well before the time I had considered Bariatric Surgery as an option.

I had written “If you don’t get involved, you will always be a spectator of life”

And in hindsight I think you would have to agree it is quite scary how true a statement that is.

Now I have no idea where I got this pearl of wisdom and I doubt very much if I dreamt it up myself but there are no Buddhist references to it, no old proverbs relating to it and certainly nothing can be found on the Google when searched, so maybe it is down to me but wherever it came from, it rings true when you consider how I have turned my life around over the last few months.

Last year I was happy to have started the “weight loss journey” that we always speak of but I also knew that more was coming. That I was going to finally break free of the chains that bound me.

The first push came from Adina Campbell, who as I have said before was the instigator of this blog. After the first TV interview, she recommended that I start to keep a blog and here we are over five months later and I am still writing each day and you guys (hopefully) are still reading each day. Now if I hadn’t have started the blog (i.e, gotten off the sidelines) I would still be losing weight yes, but I would never have met so many wonderful people and would never have been able to share my story with them. The best bit is, we are only just beginning and that in itself is great to know.

By blogging, I had my interest in writing rekindled and as such have restarted an old project of a screenplay, started my first novel and also started a third screenplay. So again without getting involved I would have to question if these things would really have ever “gotten off the drawing board” and onto paper once again leaving me as a spectator to my own life.

Finally, by having my weight loss surgery I have turned my life around. I no longer dream of doing simple things like walking, I just walk. I no longer dream of joining a gym, I just go and I no longer imagine what life would be like if I was just a little better, I just am 😉

FOOD DIARY: Friday 26th June 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  Large  Poached Egg 82  7.8  0  5.6
 1  Medium  Lean Sausage 111  10  4  8
 2  Small  Smoked Rashers of Bacon  280  64  0  40
Lunch 1  100gms Quinoa Feta Salad  98.9  4.2  11  3.5
1  100gms Chilli and Coriander Prawns  96  17.2  0  2.8
Dinner  1 1/2  Mini Pizza Homemade Mini Pitta Pizza  355  28  17  16.5
Snacks  1  175mls  Phd Diet Whey Protein  91  17  2.75  1.4
 2  500mls  Tea 52  0  12  0
Totals  1165.9  148.2  46.75  77.8
Water  3  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

I was supposed to be back to full training but after a busy day and evening out I decided to give it all a miss and have a day loafing about and pleasing myself.

And what fun it was!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “No Longer A Spectator

  1. New Journey says:

    eading your words of wisdom, inspiration, information and just some good ole reading and great pictures… I enjoy your walks with Archie, I love the country side….. As u I have done so much better now that I am blogging.. It has really helped me to write….keeps it real…. So keep it up….

    Liked by 1 person

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