The Governmental Obesity Treatments Paper (Pt 2)

Part 2.

The paper continues….

According to the UK national Bariatric Surgery Registry in 2013/2014, the NHS performed 5,756 surgical procedures for weight-loss. This figure may sound a high one but is in reality less than 1% of the patients who qualify for surgery (qualification is dictated by BMI of over 40) I am sure you must agree that this is a pretty poor show when you consider that these are LIFE saving procedures…

By comparison, Sweden which has much lower levels of Obesity than here in the UK, performed six times as many operations (admittedly per 100,000 people) which is a shockingly poor statistic for the UK, yet still a randomised controlled trial to assess the clinical outcomes and cost – effectiveness of these procedures is still ongoing which is utterly unacceptable when you consider the only alternative in some cases is death.

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