The Governmental Obesity Treatments Paper (Pt 1)

Sorry for the EXTREMELY boring sounding title but I promise it is the only boring part of this post, because if what is written below doesn’t open your eyes up to how ignorant some people (specifically politicians) are of the facts surrounding obesity, then I don’t believe anything will!

Last week I was fortunate enough to come into passion of the Governments latest Obesity Treatments Paper. This is a paper by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has been written as a study into the benefits of Obesity Treatment. When I say written as a study, they have basically just collated facts similar to the ones I have been writing about since I started this blog in January and written them in a manner in which a Member of Parliament could understand.

Now when I say “written so a Member of Parliament could understand” I really should say “written so that a small child could understand”

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