A Change Is As Good As A Rest (Well Almost)

The world after having Bariatric Surgery is a weird place when it comes to food. Nearly everything that the stomach tells the brain is new and the brain really doesn’t know what the stomach is saying. The eyes look at the portion size and the brain tells the hands to dish up more only to be proved wrong when the stomach becomes involved in the eating process. This means that every meal I now eat has to count toward my complete required daily intake because there is simply no room for any extras. I need to understand that although I may want that handful of chips, their nutritional value compared to a whole food Keema Palak is zero and if I eat them, I will not have the ability to eat the good food with the required nutrients and thus my exercise and well-being will suffer.

It is an absolute minefield that I must navigate and I must learn to listen to my body and tell myself no matter how much I want something, if it isn’t good for me then its a no go. To that end I have again changed my diet a little so that the morning meal gives me a little more carbohydrate with a lower Glycemic Index so will have a slower release of the nutrients I might be needing when it comes to energy. This hopefully mean that I don’t run out of puff so readily in the gym and after yesterday afternoon’s performance in the gym, it might just have worked. I sat on the exercise bike quite happily for my 15 minute stint and covered 7.4 kms, before heading off to the stepping machine and cross trainer.

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