I’m No Expert But I Do Have A Little Bit Of A Clue….

Since starting my entire journey of weight loss via Bariatric Surgery I have learnt a good deal of knowledge on the subject. I am in no way an expert and do not have all of the answers but I believe I have more of a clue than the average Joe Public when it comes to understanding the personal side of this surgery.

I have been fortunate enough to give my opinion on Radio and Television but more importantly, I have been very fortunate to be asked what my thoughts are on the subject by fellow Bariatric patients who might need a helping hand in their decision making or lifestyle choices leading up to or post surgery.

I am also very lucky to have quite a few of you guys read this nonsense everyday and give me your feedback and support so all in all, I feel very lucky to be on this journey because it is making me the better man I am today.

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