A Tasty Tuesday Treat

Morning readers.

After Saturday’s surprising discovery that the Mars Bars have a ton of carbohydrate in them, I decided to offer up this alternative low carb sugary treat.

Today we have another recipe for your delight BUT instead of a low calorie, fat free health conscious main course dish, this a tasty almond coconut treat from the Paleo Mom. I received the idea and the link for this recipe idea from an old school friend of mine so thanks for that Russ, let’s just hope I can do them justice 😉

Please do remember that although these treats are on my website (a website which is without doubt biased toward healthy eating) they must not be consumed “like sweeties” because although a “healthy” treat, they are still a treat none the less and therefore a good deal higher in calories and fats than the usual stuff I post on a Tasty Tuesdays. Finally, please be aware, these treats CONTAIN nuts.

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