Straighten Up And Fly Right

Well that’s the weekend over. I hope you guys had a great time relaxing in the sun – yes there was some sun here in the UK; and it looks like it might become a habit after three sunny days on the trot 😉

But now we are back at it. Getting back in the groove of the working week.

I know I am lucky to be able to spend my days writing but after a week off of concentrating on my commercial stuff I need to get back to it with a new project, although I personally find it very difficult to switch between stories and with so many on the go at one time (I currently have four projects that I am working on and five others that I need to devote more time to bringing their embryonic status to a more tangible point) it proves that to stop one train of thought and start another is a great deal more time consuming and difficult than you might believe.

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