Time Sure Does Fly!

Well as I said in yesterdays post, it was a scheduled rest day for exercise but I did have to go to the Churchill hospital for my three month check up.

Three months!

I cannot believe that it was so long ago that I had my operation. Quite amazing how the time has truly flown in. Since the big day I have started to live once again, started to take more chances, started to get out more. To be honest, I have just started….

Life is for living is a bit of a cliche but it is also a truism and this operation is helping me to do just that. As you know I walk the dog and go to the Gym, I have started to cook and learn new recipes, I blog here everyday, I blog on Huffington Post, I write my own material for (hopefully one day) commercial success and finally I have started to make You Tube episodes.

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