Am I Finally Getting The Hang Of It?

Morning readers of the World of Magnet.

Today I shall be talking about myself.

No change there then… ūüėČ

Actually I shall be talking about my diet and how it has changed since a pal of mine had a moan at me about the fact that even though I was eating relatively low calorie foods, nearly everything I did eat was processed in one way or another and that I really should look into whole foods because the health benefits they give far outweigh the convenience of just popping something in the oven.

I must confess, the first knee jerk reaction was to dismiss it as well meaning interference but because he offered to come with me to the supermarket to help buy the ingredients then to come to my home to help me cook them, I would have been a fool to myself and our friendship to have refused.

And you know what? I am so glad I accepted because now at three weeks on, I must have finally realised or at least gotten into the habit of cooking this kind of food, that virtually nothing now comes from a packet unless it is part of the recipe.

As you know I have dreamt up a couple of my own recipes (the Pizza and the Chilli Soup), I have cooked several of my pal’s recipes, even getting to the point where I have repeated one or two quite a few times (Thai Noodles and Keema Palak spring to mind… Yum!) This all goes toward the fact that I am obviously becoming a convert. I no longer pick up a pre-cooked piece of fish or a ready made soup, insisting instead that I cook the entire thing from scratch, thus ensuring that none of it has preservatives or other additives.

Once again my kitchen is alive with the smells and sounds of a long forgotten age when cooking your own food was an everyday occurrence. ¬†Unfortunately we now live in an society where the¬†world has convinced us that we don’t have time to do such a thing. Time is a premium for us all, television has to be watched, the gym has to be visited or the world conquered….. Yet I can honestly say that whilst the soups may take a while to prepare in the first place, it is only done just the once for a many meal pay off when you consider a bariatric patient such as myself can only eat a small amount so am only required to cook it once,¬†then¬†reheat individual portions whenever it is next on the menu.

The Pizza I made for Tuesday’s blog was one of the longest time consuming recipes I have undertaken but it was the first time I had cooked it and as such was photographing each stage. Even so, I was able to prepare the pizza base and veggies as the chicken and mushrooms cooked so it was all created¬†a good deal quicker than you might imagine and the pay off was a tastier dish that was far more nutritious and healthier than anything shop bought.

A lot of the foods I cook can be put on the stove and almost forgotten about for fifteen minutes allowing you to get on with something else, which is what we all want to do when we return from a hard days work. We want to sit down and veg out whilst the cooking takes care of itself, recharging our batteries for our next activity.

Well please do trust me when I say, the new regime of food I have taken to my heart has given me so much more energy and made me feel so much more healthy, the pay off between a little extra time in the kitchen versus “vegging out”, well it is now a total no brainer.

Home cooked, whole foods for me every time

Talking of food, here is what I have been eating.

FOOD DIARY: Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  2 Large Eggs  Scrambled  182  12  2  10
 1  50gms  Smoked Salmon  118  13  4  5
Total (gr)
Lunch  1/2  489gms  Homemade Pizza  426  35  22  20.5
Total (gr)
Dinner  1  Bowl Hot Thai Prawn Noodle Salad  160  36  21  0.5
Total (gr)
Snacks  2  500mls Tea  48  0  12  0
1  400mls  Americano  36  2  0  0
 1  25gms  Apple Biscuits  115  2  17.7  3.8
Total (gr)  1085  100  78.7  39.8

So my gym session looked like this:

  1. 3 x 15 Reps 30kg Abductor machine
  2. 3 x 15 Reps 30kg Adductor machine
  3. 3 x 20 Reps 30kg Abdominal Crunch machine
  4. 3 x 20 Reps 30kg Lower Back machine
  5. 3 x 15 Reps 25kg Cable Row
  6. 3 x 15 Reps 7.5kg Shoulder Press
  7. 3 x 20 Reps 30Kg Chest Press
  8. 3 x 20 Reps 30Kg Pec Deck
  9. 3 x 15 Reps 20Kg Tricep Pull Down
  10. 2 x 29 Reps 7.5kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl
  11. 3 x 20 Standing Oblique Bar Twists

I cycled on the static bike for 6.5kms and also used the stepping machine just finish off my legs completely :-/ But gave me an excellent addition to my days calorie burn ūüôā

And an okay walk of just over 3kms saw the Jawbone give me a reading of this:


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Am I Finally Getting The Hang Of It?

  1. Osyth says:

    I have a view. It is that we should all eat food as close to the ground we walk on as possible. For that reason, for instance here in France I live in a beef producing area. I could eat lamb. I love lamb but unless you raise your own sheep you will only find it in the shops at Easter. Veg are boring in winter – leeks, carrots, turnips predominantly but I find ways to make them do. I’m not pristine, I have my weaknesses and I succumb (mostly to the call of the ocean and its bounty though I live far from it) but I try to apply the 80-20 rule and ensure that 80% of my consumption is local. And the other 20% like all vices tastes bluddy gorgeous ūüėČ

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Chapeau for that point of view. I am afraid that I like so little stuff that I have to concentrate on eating the healthy stuff I like even if unfortunately, it is not found locally and means at worst a plane ride in to the country.
    Maybe time will tell and I shall change my taste buds yet further and one day live live Tom and Barbara (I shall be Tom of course) and raise my own food and livestock, by the sea of course so I can still delight in it’s bounty…!

    Liked by 1 person

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