A Contradicting Point Of View

Morning everyone, I hope you are enjoying the improving weather (for us in the Northern Hemisphere and the fact that it is June after all….!) Here in the Land of Magnet things are proving to be enjoyable but I have to admit to an element of being perplexed by a story I was sent on Saturday about an Obese woman and her weight loss surgery refusal. This has vexed me so much that I am still no further forward in formulating a point of view on the story, now over four days on from being told.

Suffering from Idiopathic Oedema (water retention of an unknown cause) in her legs, along with her weight issues makes it virtually impossible for her to get around. She lives on benefits such as Disabled Living Allowance, Income Support and receives housing from her local Authority. All of her needs are met and it is not up to me to say whether she is entitled or not so I will not be going there. My concern is the way she has been treated in the press and the lifestyle she is leading impacting on her health.

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