All Guns Blazing

Morning folks and welcome back to the blog and a bit of normality at last. I am glad to report that yesterday I made it to the gym and I managed to walk the dog. I kept my food intake sensible and for the first time in three days I actually feel good about life and things in general ūüôā

I suppose a good deal of this comes from the endorphins that have been banging around my brain since I got my blood pumping once more. It is a well known fact that exercise can help with mood stabilisation and feeling good about oneself, so I am happy to report that today I have that feeling and I am looking forward to continuing it throughout today as I once again attend the gym and walk his lordship on a decent length stomp. We may go up to the Ridgeway and get some more practise miles under our belt although that is weather dependant because up there with no cover, the weather can be quite formidable when it chooses to and that is either hot, wet or cold!

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That Was The Week That Was

Well that’s another week down and yet another milestone reached. By milestone I refer to the fact that this week I was able to wear a pair of trousers that only a matter of three months ago, I would not have been able to get on and by get on I mean I literally do not think I would have been able to get them on my legs let alone done up. Yet on Friday I wore them all day without issue.

This last week was one of mixed emotions to be honest. Obviously I went to the gym and I walked the dog. I wrote my blog and I cooked my meals but honestly I realise now I was simply going through the motions, passing time until Friday, the day of a funeral I was to attend.

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No Longer A Spectator

Or at least I don’t think so.

My life has changed so much that yesterday I took a moment to quantify the amount of and sheer magnitude of the changes I have undergone. As I was doing so I came across something I had written down on a scrap of paper, obviously some time ago and I have to assume that it was completely unrelated to my weight loss as it looks like it was written well before the time I had considered Bariatric Surgery as an option.

I had written “If you don’t get involved, you will always be a spectator of life”

And in hindsight I think you would have to agree it is quite scary how true a statement that is.

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The Same Old Same Old, Should It Make Me Worried…..

So it’s Saturday folks and the weekend is finally here.

What do you have planned? Something good I hope?

Myself? Well I imagine as ever I shall dance to the same tune of going to the gym, walking the dog and preparing meals that satisfy but don’t corrupt.

But then if you do what you always do, you will get what you always got.

That’s what they say isn’t it?

But what I would like to know is, is it such a bad thing to have routine?

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I Haven’t A Thing To Wear But It Doesn’t Matter

As many of you who follow this blog and read my training schedule will know, today is a rest day from the gym and I shall only be taking the dog for a walk a little later in the day as I shall spend a good deal of it saying farewell to an old family friend who died the week before last, as today is her funeral.

Now I am not going to be downcast because she really wasn’t that type of lady. She was happy and easy going and a person on whom I could always rely should the need have arisen. I shall no doubt miss her as time passes but today I shall not let that cloud my thoughts¬†because she will always be in my memory and in my heart. I suppose that is what you get for knowing someone ALL of your life (and I do mean ALL 47 years) they become like family.

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The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor – A Review

As some of you may recall I have been talking about an upgrade to a Suunto GPS watch or an Apple watch over the past month but the more I have thought about it, the more I have realised that the only time I want to monitor my heart rate or my distances is when I am exercising. This would therefore mean that at £500 either of the Apple or the Suunto would be a very expensive luxury that would be very hard to reason with my bank balance.

So I sat down and looked at what I already had. The Jawbone counts my steps so that tells me if I have actually been active without trying (as in walking around the shops, going for a stroll with a friend or just getting on with life from day to day). It also counts my steps when I am on a long yomp and lets me monitor how well I have done.

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Scream If You Want To Go Faster

A quick post for you guys today so you might read and move on to something far more fulfilling than anything I may have to say.

So we are once again in the middle of the week and trying to hold it together for just a couple more days so that we can make it through to the weekend, so we can inevitably repeat all of the mistakes of last weekend all over again.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

We can change our cycle at anytime we choose. There is no need to wait for Monday, no need to start that diet next week or on the first of next month.

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Tasty Tuesday With A Twist

Today Tasty Tuesday brings you a twist with a recipe based on a dish from Saga Gardevärn, the lovely lady at Live Fit Die Yum.

Known as Shitake Sweet and Spicy Beef Stew this dish offers a very tasty (and I do mean TASTY!) but very healthy meal with the headline figures of 205 Calories, 22gms of Protein, 16gms of Carbs and only 5 gms of Fat per portion. It is easy and although not that quick to make (well not for me at any rate!) also requiring some extra ingredients to begin with but these are easily storable and usable again and again when you want to make it each week as you no doubt will.

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The Sunday Stomp

Yesterday was a bit more of a stomp as we walked with someone far fitter than Archie and I so we became the ones basically playing catch up the whole time! Mind you, it was worth it because we got to stop for Tea and Cake or Flapjack in my case….

So as ever, Archie and I headed off in the car to park up and head out on our walk. It was a walk that we had done parts of from time to time but never one we have featured fully on here so I thought that I should address that fact! We met our friend at the start an after exchanging the requisite amount of courtesies to each other, we hit the trail.

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Sunday School And Sunday Roast, Sunday Papers, Sunday Post*

So Sunday is here once more folks. This week has been a busy one. I have enjoyed going to the gym, I have enjoyed walking the dog and I have enjoyed my blogging. I even made yet another You Tube video and uploaded it to my channel, all whilst I had lost my broadband connection!

I think you could call that a goodly portion of dedication to my weight loss blogging activities!

Yesterday saw me heading back to the gym after a two day rest period although I did still walk on those two days, which was just as well because I find that if I remain too static and sedentary my lower back starts to become quite sore to the point where it can make it difficult to walk.

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