I Knew It Wasn’t Broken…

Well as you know from yesterday’s blog I went to the gym and was measured with my vital statistics so they can be compared to what they are in one months time. One thing I didn’t tell you was whilst I was there and being weighed, the most amazing thing has happened. We found the original weight listed for me when I joined the gym and had my goal setting on the 19th of April. Back then my weight was set at the crazy and heady heights of 132.9 kgs and on Friday I was measured at 127.1 kgs. This is a loss of as near as damn it, ONE STONE! I am so surprised and amazed that I hadn’t realised until Claire, the Instructor went through my file and made reference to it!

Quite a pleased little (?) poppet here…..

I cannot believe what I was thinking all that time when I thought I wasn’t losing the weight, my scales were telling the truth but I was not paying attention to the history of my weight when I was last weighed. At home I weigh myself in the altogether and in the gym I weigh wearing clothes. This must mean that my scales are accurate enough because if we allow half a kilo for the weight of some shorts, a tee shirt and some trainers, both sets of scales are almost in complete agreement with each other.

So with that good news I have decided that I shall go forward and weigh myself once a month on the gym scales and we shall also perform a vital statistics work-up the same as I blogged for you guys to see yesterday.

FOOD DIARY: Friday 29th May 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  50gms  Slice of Toast  115  4.5  40  0.8
 1  200gms  Baked Beans  147  9.4  22.8  0.4
Total (gr)
Lunch  1 Large Bowl T.C’s Awesome Chicken Barley Soup 220  30  18  6
Total (gr)
Dinner  1  1/2 Pot Sweet Potato Mash  152  2  26  3
 1  150gms  Marinaded Chicken Tikka Breast 172  35.5  1.2  12.7
Total (gr)
Snacks  2  500mls  Tea  48  0  12  0
 1  25gms  Apple Biscuits  115  2  17  3.8
 1  25gms  Rachels Greek Yogurt  32.5  0.9  3  1.75
Total (gr)  829.5  84.3  140  28.45
Water  3  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

I went for a lunch with some of my pals yesterday. It was a very popular restaurant by the river in Oxford and it was a bloody lovely day! I don’t even have to confess to overdoing it either. I made sensible food choices (a small seafood linguine), no starter or desert, but I do have to confess to drinking one pint of cider throughout the whole of the lunch, but nothing more. It was all about being there and enjoying the company of friends that I haven’t seen since mid February so they have not seen the post weight-loss me until today. Their faces were a picture. Every one of them so surprised by my loss apart from one who came late and it’s not that he didn’t notice, it’s just that he has never said anything positive or negative about my size. as far as he is concerned I’m his pal and that is that. No need to worry about waistlines and collar sizes, all he cares about is being a pal.

A nice way to be I think, if only there were more like that….

So anyway, onto more important stuff, my fitness and food chart. Well yesterday I had planned to go to the gym but unfortunately after a walk which took me over 4kms I found that I was in quite a bit of pain in my lower back so erring on the side of caution, I decided to leave it until today so hopefully I shall be in good form today and able to restart my Gym duties…!

After the 4k walk plus the movement through the day I managed a steps count, that looked like this on the Jawbone:


Still looking for a kind sponsor or a wealthy reader to say they can help with the new monitoring system… There must be someone out there, surely!!

‘Till Tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge

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