Time For A Change?

I think we know that the answer is a definite yes.

Yesterday I spoke of needing to shake things up a little with my lifestyle and training. One change certain to achieve some results is stopping any alcoholic drinks. As you may know I have already decided not to drink until I have reached a target weight of 95 -100kgs but even then when the target time comes, I don’t think I shall be treating it as a license to get blasted everyday. I may not even bother with the booze at all. Lets just see what happens when I get there. Lets just take it nice and easy.

I have also made a change to my workout schedule and I do not appear to be finding it as laborious as I had imagined it might be. You see, I am not now and never have been a fan of cardio vascular exercise in the form of the gym. I have always preferred to get that kind of exercise being out on a bike ride or playing football (soccer 😉 – when I was MUCH younger) and obviously the chance of the latter happening again is very slim so I shall maybe just stick to the bicycling. Having said that, I shall make a determined effort to continue with the static bike in the gym and use it as the means to the end that it actually is until I get myself a new bike for the the summer of next year.

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