Tasty Tuesday – Here At Last!

Well good morning everyone and welcome to the first of my weekly recipes on the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet blog. We start the new regime with a favourite of mine, Chicken Tikka with Sweet Potato and Wholegrain Mustard Mash. Something extremely easy to make and so very healthy and low in fat, it is hard to see why I ever wanted to eat junk food in the past.

As I said, I am no chef and honestly, if I can do this then anyone can do this, it really is that simple. Proof of my non chef like ability is available here on the latest episode of the You Tube channel I run in tandem with this site. I must confess to cheating a little but that is only because the chicken with which I cheated was already marinaded and prepared to my high and exacting standards, it seemed almost pointless in starting from complete scratch when the uncooked end result would only be the same.

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