You Make Me Feel Like Spring Has Sprung….

And every time I see your grin I’m such a happy individual…

Here in the UK, spring is listed as the 20th of March and to be fair we had a few nice days at the beginning of that month. But since then, the weather has been a little ropey to say the least. Yes there have been a couple of warm days but those have been the kind of warm that feels muggy and close rather than nice and dry so I have discounted them somewhat. I know the lambs have been gambolling around the fields, the buttercups are growing in nice large golden clumps and the days have been getting longer, but it wasn’t until today did it feel like there was a new “spring” in the air. The rain clouds threatened and instead of erupting, stayed quiet and allowed the sun to peak it’s head through and the air remained dry.

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