Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I’ve got no mind to worry…..

Morning everyone and a happy Monday to you all!

Did you have a good weekend? I did and I didn’t. I had a great night a the quiz (we won by the way) and then on Saturday I was so bloody lazy, it was incrediible that I even remembered to breath. No gym, no walking the dog, just plenty of sofa surfing and lots of Zzzz’s. And do you know the best thing? The best thing was that at day two of doing nothing, I didn’t feel guilty at all, I just felt tired. I was so looking forward to getting into my bed at the end of the night so I could get back to reading my book, I even went up the metaphorical big wooden hill to Bedfordshire earlier than normal. So well rested, I expected to get up today full of beans and get out there doing stuff. But that wasn’t the case, something was amiss and although I managed to take the dog on a little walk, it wasn’t anywhere near enough to get the old blood pumping so tomorrow I will make sure there is a good yomp and one that I take pictures of so I can share it all with you guys tomorrow.

Watch this space.

Anyway, last week I started to keep a food diary and because of this, it was read by a friend who is far more clever than I when it comes to nutrition and certainly much better at preparing dishes that are both healthy and filling. I am very fortunate to say that this week he plans to teach me how to make three or four staple dishes that I can knock up and don’t need a degree in “Chefferying” before I attempt them. Pretty handy for someone like me who although has relatively good culinary skills, struggles with the thought of making stuff due to lack of interest and then eats ready prepared foods that are packaged. Thus the object of this exercise is to teach me dishes that are made from scratch, made easily and made quickly…..

FOOD DIARY: Saturday 9th May 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  500ml  Tea  24  0  3  0
 1  250mls  Upbeat Protein Shake  149  20 12  2
Total (gr)
Lunch  1  150gms  Chicken Fillet Spiced  172  33.4  1.3  3.4
 1  80gms  Wholegrain Rice  101  2.2  18.6  1.8
Total (gr)
Dinner  1  135gms  Cod  254  18  22  10
Total (gr)  700  73.6  56.9  17.2
Total (gr)
Water 2  600ml  Filtered Water

So again a day without exercise was had but unfortunately not as a relaxing time was enjoyed because as I said earlier, it was more enforced by medical issues once more rearing their ugly heads.

I believe I was suffering with a small amount of dumping that may have occurred after breakfast time, but being new to this I am fairly uncertain as to what is happening when it happens… 😉 Anyway, it left me feeling quite crappy and not really prepared to leave the house for any length of time so no exertion was undertaken apart from the small non exerting stroll with the dog. Although I did take a reading of the Jawbone when I had returned home.


Jawbone actually recorded the walk as over 6,000 steps although it didn’t feel very difficult or take very long, I obviously covered quite a bit of ground with the little chap. No wonder he was doing this when we got back home

Keep it down! I'm trying to get some shut eye up here...

Keep it down! I’m trying to get some shut eye up here…

However, I know I really should get back to the grindstone soon so plan to start again tomorrow with a clear head and vision of what I want to achieve now that some more of my NLP has started to take hold of my state of mind and thought process. I would say it’s easy but if you want to improve yourself, all you need do is leave behind all that holds you back whether it be drinking,smoking, over eating, loneliness, laziness. The choice is yours and yours alone. I shall be working on various parts of my life and hopefully improving as I start to give myself some of the acknowledgement that I need for some of the achievements I have made over the past year and how I can improve my life going forward from today.

All a bit deep there but that’s what life is sometimes. We have to stand up and be counted and the only change we can make is the change we make ourselves. I am the architect of my own reconstruction, no one else.

Anyway, be sure to check me out on the You Tube channel soon and be sure to check back in for the recipes and instructions on how to cook some healthy, nutritious and filling staples.

So what do you guys like to do on your lazy Sundays? Was my activity even less than you would cover when you are taking it easy…?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

P.S Don’t forget to check out the new You Tube video here.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Afternoon

  1. coteetcampagne says:

    Great YouTube debut, you are a natural

    Talking of exercise, my grandson succeeded in swinging a pair of weights about that I can barely lift above my head.
    Trounced by a skinny little eight year old with pipecleaner arms!


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