Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I’ve got no mind┬áto worry…..

Morning everyone and a happy Monday to you all!

Did you have a good weekend? I did and I didn’t. I had a great night a the quiz (we won by the way) and then on Saturday I was so bloody lazy, it was incrediible that I even remembered to breath. No gym, no walking the dog, just plenty of sofa surfing and lots of Zzzz’s. And do you know the best thing? The best thing was that at day two of doing nothing, I didn’t feel guilty at all, I just felt tired. I was so looking forward to getting into my bed at the end of the night so I could get back to reading my book, I even went up the metaphorical big wooden hill to Bedfordshire earlier than normal. So well rested, I expected to get up today full of beans and get out there doing stuff. But that wasn’t the case, something was amiss and although I managed to take the dog on a little walk, it wasn’t anywhere near enough to get the old blood pumping so tomorrow I will┬ámake sure there is a good yomp and one that I take pictures of so I can share it all with you guys tomorrow.

Watch this space.

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