Re-Writing The Program

On Thursday of this last week I took my first step into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and have to say I was almost quite surprised by some of the things I learnt about myself.

After viewing my food diaries (thats the ones I made prior to deciding to share with you guys) it was apparent that I was struggling with certain aspects of my food intake and still making bad choices or at least having bad food thoughts. Dreaming of burgers and fries might sound okay to the lay person because it’s only just dreaming of them. This however is not the case, dreaming of bad foods can lead to acting on those impulses with other foods. So instead of having the Double Bacon Burger and Fries I might decide that a high carb substitute is okay. I may eat a little ice cream, I may have a small piece of chocolate or a sweetie but whatever I decide, it is all linked.

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