I Must Not Fear, Fear Is The Mind-killer

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear, I will permit it to pass over me and through me; and when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain.*

Welcome to the weekend folks, it’s Saturday and for some of us it is time to put our feet up. I for one have every intention of doing just that after a good night out last night at a local quiz night, which was weirdly enough staged in a primary school (ages 4 to 11). But regardless of venue was great fun and I believe all involved enjoyed themselves, even if the furniture was a little on the small side 😉

To be honest, I am having a day off under some duress because I need to take a rest day from my exercising lest I burn myself out completely. Rest and sleep are just as valuable as healthy activity and I am beginning to wonder if I am getting enough of the former having now just re-started the latter after a good lay-off of many years. I need to keep telling myself that this is a marathon and not a sprint and as such should be treated with more longevity based results rather than results now and as such I should not allow myself to fear being idle.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day but when you have undergone such a dramatic procedure as Gastric Surgery, it is difficult to tell yourself that it will all come good in the end. But I do so want things to happen so much quicker than they currently are! Being so used to being sedentary I now feel at odds with myself if I have a days rest, fearing that I am wasting a day of shifting more excess fat but this is something I should not do. I need rest otherwise I will stop going to the gym altogether, I will stop walking as much or as far as I would normally and I will start slowing fearing the slide back toward the little-death of failure.

I must rest. Therefore I shall. Today at least.

I have also been thinking about my food intake again. I really need to get back to some home cooking and as such I think I shall start living on a food plan in an attempt to be reactionary to my stomach and a touch more proactive. Obviously my home cooking will need to be something that can be portioned up and frozen because with the portion sizes we are talking about, it is already difficult enough trying manage waste with buying pre-packed small foods.

I shall also have to increase my fruit intake. I think to begin with this must come from pre prepared pineapple and mango, maybe some coconut in there for good measure. Again the only difficulty with this is the actually buying of the fruit in small enough quantities that it doesn’t waste! Hence the reason behind small pre-prepared exotic fruits being simpler and more cost effective.

FOOD DIARY: Thursday 7th of May 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  Biscuit  Weetabix  68  2.5  13  0.5
 1  100ml  Semi Skimmed Milk  49  3.6  4.8  1.7
 1 Small Handful  Blueberries  30  0  0  0
 1  600ml  Tea  28  0  4  0
Total (gr)
Lunch  1  250ml Upbeat Protein Shake  149  20  12  2
 1/2  87gms  Pesto Chicken Fillets  133  22.2  0.4  4.7
Total (gr)
Dinner  1/2  87gms Pesto Chicken Fillets  133  22.2  0.4  4.7
 1  135gms  Cod  254  18  5  9
 1 small slice 50gms  Toast with Butter  145  6.5  22  6
 1 20gms Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese  80  5  0  7
Total (gr)
Total (gr)
Water  1  500ml

This is three days now that have been good for me on my diet, sticking to healthy options and not allowing bad errors of judgement to come into play. These actions reinforce my belief in myself and my belief in my success. My activity levels have also been excellent burning off a great deal of calories by walking as monitored in the Jawbone slide below. Unfortunately I forgot to take the snapshot of the main reading so below is the individual calculations.

IMG_0856 IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_0859

Further to the walking, the gym has been improving as you can see from my work out list below. This week has been fairly consistent with only one exercise having the weight reduced although this was due to the fact I added a further exercise on the chest in the form of the Pectoral Muscle machine (the Pec Deck 😉 )

  1. 3 x 15 Reps 25kg Abductor machine
  2. 3 x 15 Reps 25kg Adductor machine
  3. 3 x 15 Reps 25kg Abdominal Crunch machine
  4. 3 x 15 Reps 25kg Lower Back machine
  5. 3 x 15 Reps Calf raises. Own body weight
  6. 2 x 15 Reps Leg raises. Own leg weight
  7. 3 x 15 Reps 15kg Cable Row
  8. 3 x 15 Reps 20Kg Chest Press
  9. 3 x 15 Reps 30Kg Pec Deck
  10. 3 x 15 Reps 15Kg Tricep Pull Down
  11. 3 x 15 Reps 5kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl

I hope these past few days have gotten you all fired up and wanting to get down to your gym or walk as far as your legs will carry you because if this fat lump can do it, then anyone can do it.

Are you inspired? And where do you get your inspiration from?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

*Excerpt from Frank Herbert’s Dune

2 thoughts on “I Must Not Fear, Fear Is The Mind-killer

  1. Fiona says:

    I keep a food diary also. Not to the details you do but it makes it very easy to see where you’ve ‘gone wrong’ in the event the scales stand still. Even adding that boiled sweet or single square of chocolate. Every bite counts and seeing it in front of you , in my case helps stop me picking up that eclair toffee just because it’s there. Keep up the good work and enjoy your relaxing day. I’m about to head off for a swim as not been for about 6 weeks so need to go try a pool in Kirkcaly that is meant to have lane swimming all day and not just 8pm at night.

    Liked by 1 person

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