We Fall So We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Back Up

Tell me no secrets…

So I am now sharing my daily diet with you along with my gym activity and my Jawbone records.

Pretty bloody transparent I would say.

Although I still struggle daily with my food cravings, I generally master them on the whole. However, when Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth asks a young Bruce Wayne “Why do we fall? We fall so we can learn to pick ourselves back up”, you would generally think that it is relating to a much more significant issue rather than having a bag of crisps or eating too many biscuits. This is not the case though. The fall can be anything that has a grip on you and I kind of didn’t realise the extent of the grip that some foods had on me and now wonder in some way, if my actions over the past 15 years of weight gain have led to me suffering some kind of related issue along the lines of food addiction.

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