A Call To Arms

The Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet Needs You!

Morning readers, a short post today because I am at something of an impasse and really questioning anything and everything.

I have as I said on Saturday been blogging since 23rd of January and am now at the princely total of 102 posts today. I have also launched my You Tube channel and am still learning how to get that right so if there is anyone out there who knows how to make me an overnight sensation then please share it with me because I have no idea. I have linked it to my blog so now when anyone googles “worlds biggest fridge magnet” I come up on the first page for both the blog and the video, however, alarmingly enough, so do big fridge magnets and they could be hurting my media takeover…!

As for the blog I have over 350 followers, something of which I am very proud but it makes me wonder why when my average daily views are often only around eighty or so. I write each day even when content is thin on the ground (as you may have well guessed on many occasions… šŸ˜‰ ) and I try to make my words at leastĀ tickle your fancy or at leastĀ provoke you into thought and hopefully make you comment, but unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the way things are going so do I maybe need something else in my web arsenal? I am not sure.

I know it sounds like I am having a good old moan and to be fair, I am a bit but I suppose that is simply because I am running out of puff with so many projects on the go and even with a new schedule to arrange them to, it is still very tough to fit it all in.

If the weather had been brighter yesterday I would have walked the dog and you would probably have been going mad for my pictures and description of the walk, but because it was dreadful weather until nearly 5pm, that didn’t happen so I am now going to explore you guys to help the site.

Now I am fully aware that the bracket I blog in is a very limited one but I really do think there is more out there to be said, I am just a little dry on that font at present and it appears the old Blogger’s block has hit me hard because I am commercial writing free flow at present so it must simply be something to do with my lack of magnetic inspiration.

I need you all to come up with some ideas that I can write about, tell me stories of your weight loss challenges, tell me stories of your gym experiences and finally, just tell me anything that we can between us turn into something readable and enjoyable for everyone to take on and enjoy.

Like I said, your Fridge Magnet needs you!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

P.S Maybe you could follow this link and subscribe to my new Channel… Maybe between us all and our friends we could set a trend or whatever its called….

4 thoughts on “A Call To Arms

  1. thepaleosleeve says:

    I have learned that blogging is like flicking a cigarette out the window. Sometimes it has so smolder a while in the dry grass before it takes off in a blazing inferno, but when that happens there is no stopping it. You are an amazing writer and I really enjoy waking up to your posts every morning. You just need to keep doing what you are doing. It will catch! I have faith!

    Liked by 2 people

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