Lights Camera Action!

Good morning WBFM’ers!

Head Magnet here!

How is everything with you this morning? Not too bleary eyed from watching the big fight last night I hope?

Go Manny! / Go Floyd! – delete accordingly…

I myself gave it a miss (it was an estimated 4am start time here in the U.K) as I just don’t have the stamina for that kind of hardcore staying up, even with my newfound weight loss I reckon that would have been a bridge too far for me.

They say that when you are overweight, it is difficult to get up in the morning and I can state that this is true, borne out by the amount of extra morning energy I had after my initial weight loss (unfortunately it has slipped somewhat and where I would wake at 06.30 am I am now struggling with 07.15 as a minimum), although I think part of my lack of morning energy is due to the extra activities I am currently pushing my body through on a daily basis and let’s face it, there is only so much energy to go round!

I have also found that being overweight doesn’t help with staying awake if I am being actively sedentary (a perfect oxymoron if ever there was one!). If I am active or keeping the mind busy by driving or a similar activity then I am fine, but if there is any chance and I mean any chance that I could slip away and crawl into my bed, I guarantee that I would take it on the chin and slip away to bed for a sleep rather than stay up late to simply watch TV!

Still, some of that might be age….

So, today see’s the launch of the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet on You Tube and what a palaver that was to arrange. I thought that getting the things together to make the films would be the hardest part but trust me that was easy. I thought I had it licked when I found a whiteboard and marker set at Argos for £25 as it completed all of the kit I thought I would possibly need apart from a back drop.

Because the backdrop had not been arranged, I nearly delayed the launch but I figured although it would be great to see, the thing that everyone wants is to hear what old nonsense I have to say (and believe me, if you follow the link you will bear witness to plenty of old nonsense!)

So I set up my camera, wrote my script prompts on the white board and placed my stool in the correct place for the camera to pick up my background and me.

Well, If I had had a clapperboard, it would have been worn out by the end of the takes I made before I got what I believe to be an alright recording and satisfactory for a first broadcast down on film. Now I know it is not for gods’ sake that it is perfect but I didn’t want to sound like a monosyllabic bore (although I quite possibly do, I will have to let you decide) and I wanted to try and engage the viewers, i.e. YOU! So that you didn’t just switch off as soon as I had made my introduction!

And what about that introduction?

I couldn’t even manage that for a good 15 times! I mean what is difficult about welcoming people to your new channel on You Tube? Well obviously as far as I am concerned a bloody great deal is difficult because I couldn’t manage it! Then when I finally did? Well I only had to speak a few more words and I hit another cock up!

Things weren’t going well, it was being proven that I cannot talk to camera after all the time I thought I could, so I went again and again and then bam! It just kind of clicked. I welcomed, I chatted and then I rambled but with direction and a smile and some engagement. Now my original idea was to be a simple 5 minutes of chatter to welcome people to the channel and let them know about this blog so how was I to know that after what seemed like only four or five minutes I ended the take to find that I had spoken for sixteen minutes and forty odd seconds! Wow I thought, that is going to take some editing, but you know what, I was happy with it. It wasn’t necessarily studio quality slickness but it did all that I wanted and that was simply introducing myself and telling everyone how I got to this point.


I just hope that you guys agree and if not, I don’t blame you so you can switch off at anytime.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Lights Camera Action!

  1. 241lady says:

    Hi. I have just found your blog and will take some time to read back over some of your blog posts. For someone new to your blog, do you have a suggestion for which posts I should definitely read. Maybe a top 10 or something like that. I see that you post a lot, so I’m sure I may not be able to go back and read over all of them, but I would like to read the ones that will give me the most information and bring me up to speed. I am looking forward to following your blog and your YouTube channel. I actually plan on restarting my YouTube channel also. For me it will be more for an extra layer of accountability and of course motivation for those who follow us. Good luck to you on your journey from 241Journey. Have a good day.


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