The 100 Club

Good Morning world and welcome to the weekend.

So what about that headline eh? Any idea’s what it might mean?

Well, let me tell you, today it is officially 100 daily posts since completing the build of this blog back at the beginning of the year.

That means those of you that have read each of my daily posts from the very beginning, have sat down to do so, 100 times. Those of you who have not, well, words fail me… 😉

My first ever daily post was January 23rd 2015 and was titled “Constant Craving

It talked of how my body is set to a default setting of being in a state of craving food constantly.

Incredible now that I am seven weeks post procedure to consider that it can still be like that even though there is only a tiny portion of my stomach remaining. There really is a head hunger and an a stomach hunger and get this, stomach hunger isn’t even when your stomach is empty.

Bonkers right!

Because my stomach empties so much quicker than it did before, I would literally be eating 24 seven yet my upper intestines would be overloaded and still processing everything I put into my mouth but obviously I cannot do that so a good deal of self control comes in.

And water.

Water helps so much, it sorts out whether I am hungry or thirsty and regardless of either, it generally takes the hunger pangs away. That is what I still need at this stage. Plus I also need to monitor everything that I put in my mouth and eat because it is quite easy for things to run away with me as I found out the other week when I ate sausage and bacon only to find I was not really doing things the right way! I also find that the protein shakes help a great deal as a way of delaying a meal if not totally replacing it. Now today I am amazed that this is the case because  before the surgery I would have taken on the shake and been in desperate need of another very soon afterward!

I suppose that is the “tool” part of the surgery. With having virtually no stomach, you can barely fit any food in at all and as such it limits the consumption, although it doesn’t stop the desires that come from the eyes to the head to the wandering thoughts that leads to a trip to the refrigerator looking for an equal to that Double Cheeseburger with bacon and grease dripping from its sides. Obviously, no such thing exists in our refrigerators now we have had the operation and the desire only lasts a fleeting moment, being easily substituted with a cup of tea.

But this has taken a great deal of time and effort, possibly more in fact than the effort required to write these 100 posts.

As you know I had no idea I would ever become a “blogger” when I first of all signed up for my surgery back in February of 2014. All I was concerned with was the weight loss that could be achieved with the surgery and how it would benefit me and how much better my life would become because of something that was done for me.

Do you see the theme there? Me, me, me and I am so glad it never turned out like that. I am pleased to say that I write everyday and that I would hope that it inspires many people to understand the entire subject. Maybe it inspires someone to investigate the surgery as a way of possibly turning their life around, maybe it inspires someone who has had the surgery and needs to read about other experiences in order to vilify their own actions and experiences before they feel they may go crazy not being able to discuss it with their “normal” non bariatric surgery friends. Maybe it even inspires some to look at their lifestyle before it gets to an irreversible point and change the way they live and treat food because they don’t want to undergo the extensive and drastic measures that weight loss surgery leads to.

I never woke up one morning and decided I want to be fat. I was always relatively slim until my life took a turn for the worst and thats where the trouble started. It would have been nice to have a reference point back then but considerations of weight loss surgery were not even on the horizon. But it happened and I had to deal with the drastic consequences. I had to be the one who stuck his head above the parapet and stood up to await the ridicule that would no doubt come from this whole episode in my life but I have found the encouragement I receive from it has made me stronger. It keeps me focussed, it concentrates my mind so I don’t sit and dream of food all day even though I could not even begin to eat any of the food I might dream of!

So the blog has been cathartic for me. It has proven to be a medium where I can get up on my high horse even when my content might have appeared a little on the thin side. I have endeavoured to keep to my promise of a daily post and so far it has been successful. I plan to continue on with this promise but from time to time I may need inspiration and that my dear readers has to, on occasion, come from you. I need you to think long and hard about what you might like me to discuss or look at in-depth so that we might broaden our horizons past me and my rambling manner.

Or is that what everyone signed up for? An escape from the daily norm and the ability to log into a snap shot of my life in order to maybe get some bearing on their own? These are all questions and it is questions that make the world go round, keeping us keen for information. I know I share all of my information with you guys and I really have nothing much to hide.

In fact I am what might be called WYSIWYG.

What You See Is What You Get.

And maybe you don’t want that to change.

Let me know though eh?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

One thought on “The 100 Club

  1. 241lady says:

    I know there will be times when you need inspiration. I am here to give motivation and to receive it. I think a lot of us who blog our journey are probably in that same situation. So you can count on me whenever you need inspiration.


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