Because I’m Happy…

Clap along if you feel like I room without a roof…

Actually Pharrell’s lyrics somewhat overstate it but I think you know where I am coming from ūüėČ

Yesterday it finally happened!

I weighed myself and I was finally under the 130Kg barrier.

You could say that put a smile on my face, that it made feel feel like punching the air and that I positively skipped out of the bathroom now that the magical barrier had been broken.

Well no actually.

I am obviously very pleased at the fact I have finally slipped below 130kg but after nearly three weeks of hovering around the same figure of 131.6kg, I am more than a trifle concerned as to why the plateau came and hit me so hard when others lose weight week after week as I managed in my first months after surgery.

Today sees me exactly seven weeks post operation. The first four yielded a weight loss of 3kg per week which is exactly how we had expected things to go, however, the last¬†three weeks have proven to be a disappointment to say the least. Now I know I don’t want all of the weight to fall off of me in one go and I know that won’t actually happen but it was weird to stay level for so long after seven weeks of losing weight (don’t forget the three weeks before surgery). I am wise enough to know that if I lose weight too quickly I will get some loose skin, this cannot be helped although a good deal of it can be dealt with at the gym by performing specific exercises to counteract it. The thing about loose skin is that I have no idea where it will strike so I need to act all over my body instead of just specific places and that takes time, lots of time and agin I must remind myself it is very early days.

I went for a walk with Archie the Dog yesterday as I usually do each week day but when it came time to go to the gym, the pain in my back between my shoulder blades was so severe, it was almost winding me and preventing me from getting my breath. I had tried to counteract it by walking slowly but it was to no avail so must assume the exercises I have been told to do are obviously starting to take effect because they are getting the muscle groups working again and they are not very happy little muscle groups!

All of this means I am of mixed emotions today, I finally got under the 130kg barrier but I was unable to capitalise on it due to the ridiculous pain experienced. Typical of my luck but I shall try not to let it get me down, I shall simply act accordingly and if my back is telling me it is in pain, I shall rest it, lest I make the issue worse. In a perverse kind of way I am happy with this way of thinking because in the past I would have continued hell for leather and ignored all of the signs that would shout rest at the tops of their voices only to end up completely ruined and unable to train for months. Hopefully after a few more exercise sessions on the affected areas, it will loosen up sufficiently enough to let me get on with things.

So why has my weight loss slowed right down?

Well weight loss after Bariatric Surgery can plateau very early on after the surgery because my body is adapting to the lower calorie diet and is burning alternative energy sources. First it will burn my glycogen that is stored in the muscles and the liver (which causes a loss of water weight which is a significant amount of my overall weight loss) and then my body turns to other sources such as fat and lean muscle mass. As the body burns muscle, the metabolism slows and this is typically what causes the plateau.

Before weight loss surgery, I still had quite a bit of muscle which is probably why it has been easier to lose weight so soon after my bariatric surgery. Someone like me with lots of muscle mass will have a higher measured metabolic rate, which means I will burn more calories throughout the day, even when just lying in bed, than a person with less muscle mass. Now as a lighter person, I no longer have as much muscle mass as I previously had, so am finding I am no longer always at a deficit with calories because of my lower metabolism.

So doing what I am doing and walking as much as I can is going to be a great help along with going to the gym whenever I feel able right up until my exercises have helped to cure my back issues and I can go whenever I wish. I have also recently changed my diet to more of a high protein three times a day diet which looks like it might be helping along with the walking because although I might not have been losing weight, my body has definitely been changing shape as my clothes have been getting much looser.

So like I say, I am happy and although I still have a long way to go, things are still heading in the right direction and I am still on track for success (written with his fingers crossed… ūüėČ )

Just out of curiosity, what is it that you do to change things up when it has all gone a little “samey” and the diet is no longer giving you the results you might be expecting? Maybe you could let me know in the comments section.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

7 thoughts on “Because I’m Happy…

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    I’m not sure if you are tracking calories, but my dietitian said yesterday sometimes eating on the higher end of your range one day a week can help boost metabolism.

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  2. Michelle says:

    I stopped weighing myself, I know it sounds strange but the only time I get on the scale is at my regular check in appointments. I find the scale can be discouraging especially when you work so hard and don’t see the results you are expecting. My gauge is how I feel, emotionally, physically and mentally. And when you feel good it is easier to stay focused. But having said that we all have our bad times and frustrations, they all pass in time….. sometimes just not fast enough!

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  3. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    I have limited my weighing in but I am beginning to think that health although linked to my weight is more achievable with a good state of mind.
    I know it is only 7 weeks in and therefore early days but I want it like yesterday as anyone else would.
    I just have to be patient and let what will be will be.
    As long as I am active and don’t eat rubbish, I cannot go far wrong because lets face it, I can’t fit much in!!


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