I Knew It Wasn’t Broken…

Well as you know from yesterday’s blog I went to the gym and was measured with my vital statistics so they can be compared to what they are in one months time. One thing I didn’t tell you was whilst I was there and being weighed, the most amazing thing has happened. We found the original weight listed for me when I joined the gym and had my goal setting on the 19th of April. Back then my weight was set at the crazy and heady heights of 132.9 kgs and on Friday I was measured at 127.1 kgs. This is a loss of as near as damn it, ONE STONE! I am so surprised and amazed that I hadn’t realised until Claire, the Instructor went through my file and made reference to it!

Quite a pleased little (?) poppet here…..

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Time For A Change?

I think we know that the answer is a definite yes.

Yesterday I spoke of needing to shake things up a little with my lifestyle and training. One change certain to achieve some results is stopping any alcoholic drinks. As you may know I have already decided not to drink until I have reached a target weight of 95 -100kgs but even then when the target time comes, I don’t think I shall be treating it as a license to get blasted everyday. I may not even bother with the booze at all. Lets just see what happens when I get there. Lets just take it nice and easy.

I have also made a change to my workout schedule and I do not appear to be finding it as laborious as I had imagined it might be. You see, I am not now and never have been a fan of cardio vascular exercise in the form of the gym. I have always preferred to get that kind of exercise being out on a bike ride or playing football (soccer 😉 – when I was MUCH younger) and obviously the chance of the latter happening again is very slim so I shall maybe just stick to the bicycling. Having said that, I shall make a determined effort to continue with the static bike in the gym and use it as the means to the end that it actually is until I get myself a new bike for the the summer of next year.

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Shaking Things Up A Little

Good Morning my friends in cyber land, and welcome to another day here on planet earth.

Things are going pretty well here in the land of the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet, I am getting things done, I am living a much healthier lifestyle and most of all I am enjoying my life so much more than I have done for so many many years. Yes some days I still need the stick to get about but that is only to be expected with someone who has suffered from chronic and debilitating back pain for the past 15 years but you know, even with this pain, I can’t remember feeling this good in so long.

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The Lazy Monkey

Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to lay in my bed*

This pretty much summed up the feeling of yesterday as it saw me take in a well deserved rest day enjoying maximum resting that was available to me 😉

Nothing much therefore to report I am afraid. Obviously I wrote the blog and I also finished off some writing that I was supposed to finish the day before :-/ I was due to meet my friend from France to discuss my novel and some other projects but unfortunately that was cancelled, however I still managed to fill the day with some other bits and pieces so all in all a good day to be honest but a day taken at my pace and not being bullied into things that might see me deviate from my planned rest because as I say “All work and no play….”

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Tasty Tuesday With A T.C Treat

Tasty Tuesday Here again folks. Today we shall be making a special chicken soup with a recipe donated by my chef friend T.C, the guy who has helped me in all of my recipes so far apart from the Chilli Chicken, that one I did myself!

His only caveat with sharing this new recipe was insisting that this soup be named after him, so in order to comply with his requirements before sharing, today I shall be showing you all how to make T.C’s Awesome Chicken Barley Soup.

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A Steady Sunday Stroll

Seeing it was a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, I decided to take things a little slower although still keep myself cracking the whip on the fitness front. To that end, as yesterday was a Sunday, we decided it must been time for a decent stroll with the dog known as Archie The Thinker. A good stroll where we exercise and enjoy and most of all, take pictures for you guys to drool over how nice it is in my part of the world 😉 So we packed up our things and headed out to a whole new walk and adventure. New scenery for me and a riot of new smells for Archie.

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OO-Heaven For Mr Bond

I doubt very much if you guys saw the story in the paper or on the TV in my neck of the woods about a guy who managed to get himself to 46 stone in weight only to end up in hospital and now after Gastric Surgery is 22 stone in ONE year. Under the Hospitals orders he was able to lose 13 stone on his own and was then given his life changing weight loss surgery.

Unfortunately I feel I have to say that the only reason why the story stuck out in the national newspapers is because of the guys name. Not because of his absolutely fantastically remarkable life saving achievement, no, it was because of his name.

James Bond.

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Grubs Up Everybody!

Morning readers! How are you today? Here in the land of the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet, I have to be honest and say things are pretty cool. Yesterday not much happened so I have decided to give you a bonus recipe of Chilli Chicken Soup so read on for the instructions, it’s delicious!

Because yesterday was a rest day, I decided to take full advantage of it as Mum said she was walking the dog. This was probably just as well because I think I may have strained a hamstring yesterday doing one of my many gym exercises before walking whereas I normally walk before the gym so am warmed up a touch and maybe prevent myself getting any injuries. Not that I’m annoyed or anything, it feels good to have a tight hamstring, makes me feel like I am actually doing something strenuous and it’s making a difference.

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