Branching Out To The You Tube

That’s right folks, my bid for World Media Domination continues!

To be honest, what I actually mean is I have finally gotten all of my stuff together to start a weekly You Tube channel, so world domination is going to be a good way off yet!

And when I say I have gotten all of my stuff together, what I really mean is I have a Sony HD camera, a new tripod and have re arranged the front room of the apartment to accommodate a suitable plain background to film against. I just need to download a decent movie editor that’s easy to use and then learn some editing skills. I also need to get some idea of how to launch a front page so I might make the whole thing a touch more professional than some fat bloke just cocking about with video camera. For this I would ask if their is anyone out there with any good ideas of what I could possibly use to accomplish these tasks

Oh and I need to write some script’s I can follow easily whilst filming myself.

So not much then.

So what will it be about?

Well, I am fairly certain I shall discuss the blog, things that have happened in the world of Bariatrics, things that have happened in my Bariatric world and also maybe a summary of each previous weeks blogs. I shall cover the issues I have personally experienced in the past and how they affect me now; and I shall also cover my future hopes and dreams. I plan to record on one day through the week and hopefully edit the results in time to launch the weekly waffle on a Sunday for your enjoyment on the lazy day itself or anytime through the week. This will be up to you because if you follow me on the blog you will get an email notification and if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook the same will apply via their individual formats.

Exciting times indeed, I just hope that I can pull it off because this will be stretching my already extremely tight schedule to a limit way beyond anything ever known before to Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet kind and we all know about all work and no play making the WBFM a dull boy….

I just hope the sight of my big ugly mug pouring out of your computer screens, smart phones and tablets doesn’t have an adverse effect on my blog subscription levels… 😉 But then you guys have had to bear witness to plenty of my photo’s and hopefully some of you are still reading so it may not be that bad after all!

So the format of my channel is yet to be completely decided. I know I shall be using it as a tool to promote the fact that just because someone is fat doesn’t mean they are stupid and lazy. Yes, I will conceded that some are but that is a very definite minority and no one ever levels the same accusation at a thin person yet trust me, if there are lazy FAT stupid people then there will definitely be lazy THIN stupid people and that my friends is simple common sense. It is another way of proving that size does not affect brain power or get up and go but as I said in yesterday’s post this point of view is only in peoples sub-conscious because of the effects of outside forces influencing all of our perceptions.

I shall also be raising issues and asking questions of people. Maybe I shall discuss various light exercises for people who are obese like myself, maybe some exercises for people who are post surgery like myself or maybe just some light exercises for people who are on their way to being overweight and want to address it before it becomes an issue for them. Because Ladies and Gentlemen, weight should only be an issue for the person that is overweight if they want it to be and not because WE the general public choose to think it should be.

Actually, one last thing, I should very much like a Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet back drop of some description to film in front of but I am not really very sure on how to do that, so if there are any readers out there with any ideas of how to make something effective but cheap then I would be very keen to hear from you as I’m afraid my artistic side stops at the words that pour out of me on a daily basis (if they can be considered artistic that is) and even though I studied art for 5 years at secondary school, it never made the slightest bit of difference to my hand eye co ordination with pen, pencil or marker, meaning anything I could ever do myself would be absolutely abysmal.

So best I had get my script writing head on once again and create a master piece or a lemon for you to enjoy in equal measure.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “Branching Out To The You Tube

  1. Osyth says:

    There are several companies who will make a backdrop for you … I recommend Jodie Fletcher whose company Chilli Promotions is superb. I will link you up on FaceBook. I’ve just been coaching my daughter who is presenting her end of year project to a bunch of Art Profs this morning. In my opinon there is no substitute for learning the script. Read read read and practice in front of the camera. That way your eyes won’t be seen travelling … that is a dead giveaway. You could, on the other hand, sit Two Ronnies style (except you would only be 1 Ronnie) as at a newsdesk and do it that way … or like they do on This Morning on a comfy chair with a script on your knee which you put down on a table when in full flow. I’m sure others will have other ideas for you but good luck – its a great idea 🙂

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