As you know I spend most of my day sat in front of this computer writing either this blog or any one of my number of current projects (although the novel is taking a bit of a precedent at the moment…!) and therefore am exposed to an immense amount of dross pushed down my internet feed, the bulk of which appears to be aimed at the worlds obsession with celebrity and what they look like or how much they weigh.

It is all so very depressing to think that someone could possibly get amusement from reading about how a celebrity (most of whom I have never heard of by the way) has had a botched piece of plastic surgery, a terrible tattoo or has piled on the pounds – or equally has lost them. But that is unfortunately the world we live in.

Today the thing that sells is escapism. Escapism from our own lives by looking at the misfortune of others.

The media drives the desire by making it all sound so good and juicy and something that cannot be missed, then we the public devour it, page after page of steaming turgid $h*te; and who is to be blamed in this cycle of dross? The eager consumer or the business savvy media mogul? Well I think we honestly have to say that neither of us is, one literally drives the other and until people stop tuning in to see how someone lost 30 lbs on their new diet or how someone had their face rebuilt after a terrible piece of plastic surgery, the suppliers – nay – pushers of this will continue to spew it out in greater quantities than we can handle.

This is why I think the weight loss world is super sensationalised and depending on how it is spun, someone being overweight is fat, lazy, stupid and a drain on the NHS or they are a jolly soul who uses their size as a way to better themselves becoming a new plus size model in a world owned by the skinny, or someone who is a big business owner, a philanthropist or a visionary.

What I suppose I am trying to say is it should matter not what someone does before we make an opinion of them. Why should a celebrity’s fight with weight or alcohol or drugs be anymore important than a person who might work in a factory? Just because one is in the public domain and maybe lives in the finest parts of Beverley Hills whilst the other is a simple everyday person, making a living as best they can, maybe living in a high rise apartment in an inner city and doing their best to get through life? Why should it be deemed more socially acceptable to be overweight if you are successful just because you have some get up and go or make obscene amounts of money, rather than simply an overweight person who maybe has mental health issues, other medical issues that cause weight gain or is unfortunate enough to be, god forbid, in receipt of benefits?

There is NO reason. It is just the way it is.

It is spun this way because that is the nature of the beast, because an ordinary guy like myself who is overweight stands no chance of getting the word across to the world whilst the media can be controlled and used to spin the message of scrounger or failure, stupid or lazy, because again this is what sells.

As you know, I am an advocate of giving all a chance and not judging before you know what is going on as I was judged and will no doubt continue to be judged until I am slim again, even though I had to make the choice of elective surgery to be so. I believe that if someone is obese and they are happy with that lifestyle choice and can manage it whilst having no added health issues, then surely it is up to them? In the same vein, if someone is obese and very unhappy with their size, have health issues and need surgery to lose weight then I am all for for them receiving that and not being judged for doing so.

The world is built on spin from outside pressure that bombards us each day, whereas it should be built on choice because who are we to say what one person should be and another should not?

There has been one exception to the norm and that was last week in a documentary about plus sized models. It was shown on Channel 4 here in the UK and I have to be honest was excellently put together and correctly approached by not looking at its participants as “poor sad individuals that needed saving from themselves”. Treating the people it interviewed with dignity and allowing them to put their viewpoint across without criticism. It showed parts of the fashion world as fairly prejudiced believing in terms of ladies being plus size at size is 16 when in reality the average size of the British woman today is 16 and a plus size should be classed as much bigger indeed. Fortunately it didn’t press on the point of obesity and health; and although there was an underlying current of concern on this matter, on this occasion it was not for the channel to raise.

Having watched it (the things I do for this blog ;-)) I began to see how the world is developing and how maybe we, the consumers are beginning to take it back, because the things that were shown were almost a direct reaction to the world of Social Media and not under the control of the stuff that is force fed to us all of our daily lives.

With the world of Social Media taking such an apparent stand against the prejudice that many suffer and possibly beginning to turn the tide against the narrow minded world we live in, maybe there is a chance that I might get my message out after all. In the past it was almost a case of “If you build it they will come” (to almost coin a well known quote) being the driving force behind why so much of this stuff is printed and pushed around the world. Now it could be a case of the initiative being taken back through people driven social comment; and we may just get to the truth and knock some out dated thought skittles down with a bowling ball of people power.

It has to happen because if plus sized model Tess Munster @tessholliday can have a following of 640,000 people, surely that is saying the world doesn’t think that way anymore. The world is pro choice on everything and who cares what others say because pretty soon the world won’t listen, it will log in and make it’s own mind up and I for one will be sharpening my electronic pencil and continuing to press home my point whenever my horse gets me high enough.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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