A Good Night Out

On Saturday evening I decided to join a friend for a drink at my local pub. I had not seen this friend for quite a while and expected to be catching up and heading off quickly as the thought of another night on orange juice was not an appealing one! Anyway, I had not planned to imbibe so was just as shocked as you are now to find myself ordering a glass of wine instead of the orange juice.

With much trepidation I put it to my lips and tasted, swallowed and waited for it all to go wrong.

But it didn’t.

I was okay. I didn’t feel sick and I had no adverse reaction to it. I sat and chatted to my friend before he went off for his evening out when another one arrived as if by magic to take his place and so the evening progressed. I drank very slowly and was pleased to see that I had been in the pub for two hours and was only just finishing my first glass of wine.

Things were looking good.

So we sat there for a couple more hours and I was talked into going on to another pub to listen to some live music. It wasn’t as I have said, on my agenda for the evening but as my friend was a little under the weather 😉 and in a thoroughly good mood, I figured I should accompany her on the move elsewhere.

So neatly decanted into a second hostelry we went to the music bar and watched with interest. Again, I had a glass of Rose and my friend decided she had better have some water to hydrate her as she had a dance. I was happy to let her get on with it and quietly sat and watched the band whilst friend after friend passed by and caught up with me and nearly all commented on my reduced size (as shown in yesterdays post) and asked how I was feeling, how the stomach was coping and what life was feeling like now I am losing weight (to answer those; feeling great, stomach doing well but I am relearning its messages and finally life is great now that I am losing weight, I am more mobile, more active and although still in a great deal of pain am able to cope a great deal easier)

So the evening was proving a success both with my stomach accepting the alcohol and my ability to contain the effects of it not being particularly impaired; and for the first time I got to the point where I was ready to go home whilst the pub was still open and people were still coming in to enjoy themselves for the evening. Now I had planned to walk home as I had not walked on Saturday (although I had been to the gym) but when I came it it was tipping it down. So not wanting to mess my hair up (you never know who I might have met when I got home – no on as it turns out 😦 ) or get my new clothes wet, I decided a taxi was in order.

So neatly ensconced at home, I was able to drink some water and retire to my bed with no ill effects from the alcohol. I had enjoyed a thoroughly good night and not kicked the arse out of it so to speak and I woke yesterday morning with no ill effects from the indulgence, being able to get on with things as usual; and although I was happy with my efforts I can honestly say I have no desire to repeat it on a regular basis and will use it more as a tool to let off a little steam every now and then before I go stir crazy from feeling deprived.

I know many things change with the advent of the surgery and not all of them good. I still look at plates of food and think I should very much like to eat them and even though  my stomach cannot manage them my brain is still thinking it would like to try! I appear to have massively reduced my sweet tooth and my cravings for carbs seems to have abated if not completely then certainly to a manageable level. I am very pleased that my focus last night was on enjoying myself without overdoing it and hope that my viewpoint on this stays the same because there is so much else that I want to do and if there is one thing I have learned, alcohol may be a great fun maker with friends, it is also a robber of ambition and at this present time I am too ambitious to allow that to happen.

Now on a different note, I picked up my Jawbone Up24 yesterday afternoon from Boots (having it delivered there as it was the only place in the UK I could find one in the right colour and size) and so am going to be syncing with my iPhone and computer and monitoring my movement and sleep patterns from this day forward. Today will see it’s inaugural walk and reports listed on the Facebook or on this site as soon as I learn how to do it and then anyone with a Jawbone wearable activity monitor can “link” with me and we can spur each other on.

I am looking forward to monitoring how well I do and really believe that something like this would be ideal as I regularly wonder why at the end of the day I am so tired out, maybe this might provide some answers! I shall write a report of my findings once I have used it for a couple of weeks, but for now take a look at the photo and let your imagination run wild 😉

IMG_0821 IMG_0822

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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