Taking It To The Next Level

Or at least I would like to think so….

If only it were that easy.

Us morbidly obese people are by the very nature of our size, a little slower than the rest of the “normal sized” population. We don’t move around as freely, we don’t stand and sit as easily and most of all, carrying around twice ones recommended bodyweight can really take it out of you I can tell you from experience.

I am however, one of the lucky ones. I have now had my operation and the weight is beginning to come off at a steady rate. Add this to the initial pre procedure weight loss and I am moving a good deal better than I was this time last year. The most amazing thing being my arms now lay closer by my sides once more instead of out at such an angle, I looked like I was inflated. This I can only assume is because they are now a good deal smaller along with my waist thus both are now allowed to hang, pass and swing feely as I walk (attempt to march) around the locale with my little pal Archie and anyone else who might happen to be free to join me.

I can only assume that my diet must be working because I have gone from this, taken in 2014

Front Fat

Fat side

Fat Rearfat side1

Not a pretty site for sure….

To this, taken on Monday 20th April 2015



Seeing these pictures really does make me want to “take it up a notch” and as such the activity I get from going to the gym and walking are definitely the way to go.

As we all know, simple mathematics means that if we burn off more or less than we consume calorifically then things will change either getting smaller or larger because we either use the calories as energy or store them as fat. Now as far as I am concerned my calories are restricted by my stomach size but as I said before, I could bypass that restriction a little by eating high calorie chocolate smoothies, ice creams and anything else that can go down and be absorbed by the intestines. Instead however, I have chosen to use this operation as an aid to my weight loss and allow it to restrict my intake of food. Add that to the fact I have no real desire to eat the crappy foods I was once consumed with (one could say almost addicted to) because I now want my body to get proteins and nutrition instead of crap. Along with the realisation I have spent a good deal of time walking when my health has allowed and now I am going to the gym, I think I may have a healthy long term prognosis.

Time will tell. But it does make me feel strong and happy that I am getting fitter with the daunting task of walking the Ridgeway next year appearing to be more of an achievable goal as each day passes. I would also hope that by next year I have had the good fortune to be able to lose yet more weight and increase my stamina further still; and in doing so am able to walk as freely and easily as I imagine anyone that would consider this challenge could. It is still very early days but I think my own acknowledgement of my task and its likely success is something I should take on board because it will be here before I know it!

Anyway, that is all in the future, for now….

Well for now I just wanted to wish my friends involved with the London Marathon today all the best and congratulations for getting this far. It really is an achievement to be there at the start line, probably even more of one to cross the finish line without the aid of oxygen such as I would be requiring. It really is amazing how people will put themselves out to run even when it is not their favourite past time simply because they want to raise money for a charity of their choice. Over £55 million will be raised this year because of these people taking the trouble to do so and it all goes to various charities they have been touched by in their lives, either directly themselves or through a family member.

Help make it special and if you are yet to give then please follow one of these two separate links and do so now!

Now I’m off to see if I recognise anyone on the TV!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

8 thoughts on “Taking It To The Next Level

  1. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    I thank you very much Osyth.
    Looking forward to seeing your blog transformation soon, or at least when you summon up the nerve to press the button that is…
    As for the shirt, it is one of the best for sure, I just need it to fit a little less snugly 😉


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