Taking It To The Next Level

Or at least I would like to think so….

If only it were that easy.

Us morbidly obese people are by the very nature of our size, a little slower than the rest of the “normal sized” population. We don’t move around as freely, we don’t stand and sit as easily and most of all, carrying around twice ones recommended bodyweight can really take it out of you I can tell you from experience.

I am however, one of the lucky ones. I have now had my operation and the weight is beginning to come off at a steady rate. Add this to the initial pre procedure weight loss and I am moving a good deal better than I was this time last year. The most amazing thing being my arms now lay closer by my sides once more instead of out at such an angle, I looked like I was inflated. This I can only assume is because they are now a good deal smaller along with my waist thus both are now allowed to hang, pass and swing feely as I walk (attempt to march) around the locale with my little pal Archie and anyone else who might happen to be free to join me.

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