The Weekend Comes

My cycle hums, ready to race to you.

Oh Happy Days

Hooray! It’s the weekend! At last I can relax and put my feet up, at last I can go down the pub and tie a couple on and at last I can have that great big fry up I have been looking forward to all week.

Well not really.

Certainly a few years ago this is what my weekends were mostly about, in fact if I recall correctly, they were like this up to late last year but now everything has changed along with the perpetrator 😉

No, this weekend I shall manage a trip to the gym to execute my newly composed program for the second time this week, I shall go to my friends tanning studio and partake of a sun-bed (you wouldn’t believe how pale I am, I think in certain lights I could almost be transparent) and I shall probably write some more of my novel. Instead of the gorgeous fried breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, black pudding etc etc, I shall have a healthy yogurt and fruit breakfast and as for “tying one or two on” in the pub, I think that is a long lost pastime soon to be consigned to the annuls of history because I imagine if I were to actually attend the pub, the only thing I will be putting to my lips will be orange juice and mineral water as ever.

Oh thats living’ alright!

Getting sunburn in a tube, exercising instead of relaxing, drinking soft drinks in a bar and writing when my new timetable has strictly forbidden it.

But this is the way of the reformed fat person. We have to find things to fill up our time. Things that are far more enjoyable than going to the pub, things that are more enjoyable than eating out and things that are more enjoyable doing nothing.

A difficult ask for certain and one I can only liken to maybe an alcoholic giving up drink. Now all of a sudden I have time on my hands that will need filling with activities other than the ones I was used to, yet I am still restricted somewhat by my size. Don’t get me wrong, I am so lucky to be in this position where I have had my surgery and am now well on the road to recovery. I have my whole life ahead of me and although I don’t want to wish my life away (lets face it, it was perilously close to being much shorter prior to the operation) I would like to start making headway a little quicker than I currently am, although as my mum always says “Softly, softly, cadgee monkey” and I know that is the right way to be about it all, just let each day come as it does and make no plans other than to enjoy it as best as I can although that can be a little more difficult  when we are expecting the weather to be miserable over the whole weekend. That will mean lots of staying in and mooching about the flat.

I need a hobby I reckon, but when would I fit it in? Maybe at the weekends I suppose I could use my extra available time to rebuild that classic scooter I have been thinking about for a few years now. Maybe I could invest in that as a part time interest. But really and truly, weight loss should be my interest because when anyone is on a diet, not just me now that I have had this surgery, they are totally consumed by it and the only reason they do anything else is to take their minds of when they can next eat or attend the gym or go for a walk.

Yesterday I went to the city of Reading to shop at the only outsize mens chainstore clothes shop I believe exists in the UK, High and Mighty. This means that here in the UK, if a man has weight issues, he cannot even run through a selection of clothing stores and maybe even take up shopping as his past time. The shop in question has a great selection of fashion for the fuller figure but because I am now so much smaller than I was when last I bought clothes, I had no idea what would fit and what wouldn’t, so I just tried on everything! Well not quite everything but certainly enough to keep me going for a wee while.

I suppose that now I have picked up couple of new bits and pieces to add to my wardrobe, I might take the opportunity to go out and visit parts of the world I have not seen for a few months, taking in some of the night life along the way but I am still a touch self conscious when it comes to going out so will more than likely just stay home and write a little more, such is life at the weekend.

However, it is still early and the world even if a little wet is still my oyster so here’s hoping not only I have an enjoyable time this weekend, but you do also.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Comes

  1. Aubrie says:

    I hope to one day be able to have a day like yours. I’m still having the old days you used to have. One day it’ll click for me, and it will be a good day!

    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


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