The Whole World In My Hands

Since starting this blog on a notion all the way back in January I am amazed at how much it has spread around the world. It was only started as a compromise because at the time I didn’t want to film myself each day as recommended by a reporter who had interviewed me about Bariatric Surgery.

Since then I have I posted each day without fail (an achievement? I would certainly say yes but I would prefer we leave that particular milestone  until January next year and only mention it if I have actually kept up that impetuous and continued a daily blogging schedule) and I hope to continue for as long as you guys will have me write it because there is little point writing if no one is reading any longer.

Anyway, going back to my headline about being worldwide. I have the facility to see where all of my traffic comes in throughout the world and today I was pleased to see I have finally cracked the big land mass of Russia. That means nearly all of the large masses are taken care of as The USA, Canada, India, Asia and Australia have been hit with the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet, now we just need to get into Africa and my global domination will be complete… 😉

Who would have believed that an old fat bloke from Wantage in the United Kingdom would be able to get readership from all around the globe? It is a very scary thought when we consider the power of the internet. How small it is making the world and how far messages can travel because of the way we all use the technology that surrounds us each day. I therefore hope that the message about obesity issues in the modern world are eventually read by someone who can possibly do something actionable as opposed to me who can only make the issue known to no more than what we see around us on our daily travels.

I am myself fed up of banging on about the issues that face the obese and the reasons why people actually get to a point where surgery is their only sensible choice but if I don’t who will? I am in touch with a few media facing people and am trying desperately to get others involved along with asking papers and and other lifestyle publications to endorse my opinions so we can get the clout we need to drive this message home.

I therefore at this point ask if you personally know ANYONE who can help, whether it be a journalist on a local newspaper, a daytime news anchor or even a friend of a friend of a celebrity chef. We need to get as much exposure to this issue as we can. Yes it’s great that I now reach around the world, it’s amazing in fact but I am getting a trifle impatient with how slow things are progressing.

It only really came to light after I had started working to my new schedule, when I considered how much effort I was putting into this blog and as I said, I am amazed by its achievements but those achievements are down to you the readers and I can never thank you all enough for subscribing or reading through Facebook. But lets see if we can take this whole journey to the next level and really start pushing the message and as I get slimmer now I have had my surgery, the blog and the message get bigger and bigger in total contrast to the author.

I shall leave this to you guys, but remember, if you even think you may know someone that could, please get in touch, it could be the break we are all looking for.

On another less intense note, I was at the Gym yesterday with Steffi the instructor and we managed to get all of the program set up, make me work a little, re-learn the exercises and attempt the first episode of static cardio I have done in long many a year. I have to say myself, it went well. I left the Gym feeling refreshed and energised with a new focus on myself. This is something I haven’t felt in many years so long may it continue. We even did some stretching that will help my muscles recover a whole lot quicker and protect my back and hips from seizing up after my activity.

Now I know I shall be aching a little tomorrow and the next day after the delayed onset muscle soreness hits but I am hoping that I might have at least dealt with some of the residual soreness with a lovely walk I did with my friend Rachael just after lunch. We took the dogs and her youngest daughter and went a walking. Nice and flat and nice and steady because we didn’t want to over do it when Rachael is set for running the London Marathon on behalf of Como Breast Cancer Support Group. Well that is my excuse 😉 I think Rachael would have been okay to run around the walk we followed and to no ill effect on her fitness for Sunday! Obviously I will ache a little today and tomorrow but I don’t think I will have anything to complain about when you put me next to the achievements of the Women and Men who run the 26 miles 385 yards.

When you read that figure, it kind of puts my hour in the gym followed by a little walk into perspective. Still, you never know, maybe one day…. :-/

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “The Whole World In My Hands

  1. bizzyella says:

    This is kind of a long shot but WRP, Paris’s English-language radio station, may be looking for content. Here in Paris even normal-sized people can find themselves feeling tubby. I bet you could find something to say, maybe in an interview on one of their regular shows, that would be of interest to expats. Body image is just the first thing that comes to mind.

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  2. Vicki McFall says:

    Just found your blog. I’m 14 days post op today – eek! I had it done as I previously had a band , was successful then it slipped and messed my innards up. So here I am again learning my new inside configuration. Desperate to excercise and try different foods but doing as I am told. I’m meeting up with other WLS buddies tomorrow in Glasgow and I was wondering do you go to any support groups? Sipping as ever, Vicki


    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Great stuff Vicki, as you may have read I am only six weeks post op myself and I can tell you that everyday is a new experience, so hold on to your hat! The best thing I have found is sticking to the shakes, thin soup and yogurt diet for the first two weeks then trying the puree’d regime. I am almost onto any foods at present although salads, veggies and tough fruits like apples have yet to make an appearance. A friend of mine also had the Laparoscopic Band and had nothing but issues with it ending up exactly as you did and having to have a bypass because the band messed up her insides too much for a sleeve. We have wight loss groups here in Oxfordshire called OBBO Oxfordshire Bariatric Banding Organisation. I have been once but find its time is not so convenient for my daily schedule although I do plan to go again in a couple of months.
      Hope that helps, keep reading and looking on the net for more ideas on support groups and have a great day with your pals in Glasgow today!
      All the best
      Still sipping fluids all day long as well!


  3. Osyth says:

    Pick up thy pen and write … brainstorm a list and mindmap all the ideas of people to approach you can think of. Then write to them. Most of the letters will never be opened or will be chucked in the bin but if you even get the attention of one person it is better than none. You are a good writer so use it! Sometimes, the old fashioned approach works. I think. And anyway, most places have a contact page and a generic email address that you could use if preferred 🙂


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